Saturday, 8 March 2008

Shigoto to umi

Lounging.. try it for 5+ hours and you'll definitely get sunburnt XD
Don't laugh, thats my sandcastle XD its the first time we go to the beach with no little kids so i decided that I would build a sandcastle instead, but all i had was a little plastic cup :P
Bash wrote our names in the sand.. i don't even know if i took this pic or her since we mixed up cameras..

I didn't want to say anything before in case i jinxed myself LOL but i've chosen not to go to Deloitte & Touche although they are such a great place for any accounting students but due to some reasons im not going there, instead im going to be working where BASH works! We're both excited LOL although we won't see each other much but im sure its going to be fun.. I have a meeting tomorrow to discuss some things with the Accounting Department manager and hopefully i'll start work on Monday..

We went to the beach today and bash came along, and my sis H had a friend too, and my little sis S had a friend along too.. so it was fun.. although i got sunburnt and it burns like hell! my cheeks and nose are soo red! forgot sunscreen.. but NEVER again! Bash brought her sister's camera along and its the same as mine, so half way through the morning we accidently took the others' camera, and only realized it before we left LOL so we had to exchange photos.. There were these lounger chairs there that we pulled into the water, just were its really shallow and sat there listening to japanese music and talking, an hour later we see my mum calling and waving at us but we didnt get what she was saying, she came over to say that the water was rising and would soon reach the loungers and we'd get wet.. i was like, its ok, we'll just sit for a bit them pull them a bit out.. as soon as my mum went a huge wave came and i was soaked.. moral of the story, always listen to your mum, she knows what shes talking about.. many funny incidents happened, bash's glasses even fell in the water.. and i even built a sandcastle, LOL, with a small plastic cup ;P tanoshikatta!

Yesterday my dad took us out to a Chinese restaurant, i say took us but it doesn't mean he invited us, LOL, we invited him, but we made him pay too ;) oishikatta!

Not much else to say really.. ive been watching bara no nai hanaya which is really good.. first dorama i watch with an older couple but its nice.. older i mean 30s, not 70s or something LOL..

OK well thats all, take care mates

PS i want to add pix of the sea but i cant be bothered to resize them..maybe later


FeFe said...
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FeFe said...

finally i can comment lol i have been trying for long..

interesting post to read and it seems that you had great time except for the sunburn DONT forget it bring ur sunscreen next time.

glad that u finally got to spend some time with ur dad..made him pay ha!! well its expected as if he would let you pay..

stop teasing me with doramas:P joking;)

looking forward for the pix

Ja ne:)

Ima-chan said...

cant be bothered to post the pix lol maybe tomorrow.. thanks for commenting, i definitely wont forget to sunscreen on next time..

FeFe said...

cool pix..i liked them all =) looking forward to your next post..