Sunday, 23 March 2008

Kita Yoshio, yasashii hito ne..


I was so tired from work today that i tricked Bash into going home with me just so that i would make her drive ;P Just kidding.. LOL.. thats what she thinks, but i just wanted company and i didn't want her to have to wait for her sister to pick her up since she still doesn't have her car yet.. driving alone is really boring...tsumaranai!

I went to do something (taking a break from listening to Bash talk non-stop about cats jk ;P ) and came back into my room to find this drawing stuck to my cupboard, thanks Bash, totemo kawaii ne..
Bash told me to invite fefechan to the beach next weekend, i told her i would but she probably wouldn't go, and was surprised when fefechan said she will ask her mum.. YAY! i hope she says yes.. that would be so kewl..

Kita Yoshi only has 6 days of his life left! =( Oh cross that out, gomen fefechan just had to mention that dorama-related fact..

My youngest sis and i chatted for hours today about my trip to Japan. Shes the only one slightly interested in Japan so i told her some of the incidents that happened and stuff and she really enjoyed it.. She really wants to go to Japan now.. LOL i've created a monster!
Tokyo Tower's see-through floor is so cool!


Bash said...

loool ,, you know it's fun going home with you everyday ..

Oh , ur like MeMo .. I love cats .. I only spoke about them for 5 minutes and you got bored .. What about you & Japanese -__- ,, loool J/K .. Ur Lucky I like Japan =P

He He , didn't expect to see the drawing here lol ..

I'm so excited for our next visit to the beach , Hope we can find a better spot and hope FeFe-chan can make it ;)

omg .. I have to see this drama but I don't have any free time.

I'm Glad ur younger sis likes Japan .. lol ,,( i've created a monster) U sure did =P

lool ,,

Take Care

reemy-chan said...

hey Ima :D ..

enjoy ur time with Fefe-chan and Bash .. ^^ I hope that Fefe-chan's mum says yes.

imagine ?? i didn't watch drama since Feb :S .. i don't know why :S .. so I think i have to watch Kita Yoshi .. but not soon :P lol ..

Lol .. you have to take me and ur sis to Japan next year :P .. what do you think ??

P.S Bash .. ur drawing is amazing ^^..

Haruhi said...

that's a very kawaii drawing, loved it ^^

Ima-chan said...

Bash: im sooo glad you like Japan, i can imagine what it would be like if you didnt, LOL teasing you.. no more cat talk for a month..
Reemy-chan: why dont you come too? Try to convince your mum?! I'd defnitely take you with me if i went to JApan, it would be fun, esp after what i heard about...
you know what..LOL ^^ and dont watch kita yoshi, watch bara no nai hanaya its much better =)

Haruhi-chan: Bash is such a good artist ^^ she draws really good anime characters too.. thankd for reading..

Bash said...

awww (^^,,

Thank you all for the complement ..
I didn't expect any1 would like it ..

Next time I'll dedicate something to Reemy & Haruhi

Ima-Chan: lol I don't think I am an artist but Thanks & don't tease -_-