Saturday, 22 March 2008

Dango no kazoku

Konbanwa minna!

I was so bored today so i decided to watch an anime called "CLANNAD" (the movie not the series). It was staring me in the face every time i opened crunchyroll so i decided to give it a try although im not an anime fan at all. I watched it, the story was ok, not that great but i loved the anime style, the drawing and stuff, better than a lot of other anime movies i've watched before. Anyways, there was this thing in the movie about a family of dango. It was cute and the girl in the anime kept singing a catchy song about this dango no kazoku so after i finished watching i searched youtube and found the cutest dango no kazoku, they are so cute and the song grows on you although its not as good as the one in the movie which is different. Anyways, see for yourself.(theres a longer verison on youtube, this is the shorter one)

Another thing i wanted to mention was that i came across yesterday and it has the same interface as youtube, i was just wondering if this is the japanese youtube or if it was someone copying them, i guess i could've looked into it but i couldn't be bothered. I call youtube "youtubu" anyways, just for fun, so i typed it in not expecting anything and when the site opened i was shocked lol..

Someting else i wanted to mention, my mum's best friedn's daughter who i said went sky-diving in New Zealand, well she developed a fear of hights soon after that! That is so weird you know.. but my mum says shes even afraid of hight bulding now, WOW what a change, but its affecting her life.. poor girl.. maybe i should rethink sky-diving, i've always wanted to try it but maybe not..

Ja minna.. kio tsukete ne


Bash said...


They're really cuuuute ..
The song is cuute too .. Tinka liked it too lol , she came and sat next to me when I turned it on =) ,,

The Youtubu thing
It happens , He He ,,
Also when you make a simple spelling mistake in the address a similar website opens and you think " did they change the layout ? =P" lol

The sky diving story is weird ..
I thought it's the opposite ,,
I mean they would be braver ..

PS: Not in the mood to go to work tomorrow =( I want at least one more day ..

Take Care

Ima-chan said...

the skydiving thing is definitely weird! I knew you would like the dango kazoku ^^

Coldness said...

Hey, I just wanted to say that I have watched a couple of episodes of "Clanned". I found the story to be quite ordinary that I couldn't continue watching it. But one thing about it that was strangely cute, is the song at the end. It's THE Dango no Kazoku song! It's childish but still fun! I liked it and I still listen to it.