Saturday, 15 March 2008

nothing much

Thursday, nothing interesting happened except i let bash drive my car back home which was funny coz i kept telling he how to drive LOL.. shes definitely a better driver than me but i didnt want her to do anything to the car since i had an acceident in it before and i only just fixed the bumper less than a month ago so im not ready for another accident.. she kept driving on the white line, half in one lane and half in another, and i was like 'choose a lane, dont drive over the line' and she was like 'but the road is empty', im like 'thats not the point'..anyways we arrived home safely, i dont mean about bash's driving, i mean we arrived without me murdering her XD

At work, i worked my *** off.. nothing interesting.

Friday we went over to my uncle's for lunch and then went to my sister's house coz she had a part for her daughter but we didnt stay and went out for dinner..

Today we had people over including marie-sensei and we sat and talked about Japanese dramas and japan the whole time LOL she was telling me the Proposal Daisakusen's special will be out soon and she just like me cant wait to see kurosagi the movie.. She asked me if i would tutor her Japanese friend's little daughter whose 5, both the parents are Japanese and dont speak any Arabic obviously and the daughter has just started Arabic classes at school and they cant help her with her homework so they want someone to help her. I told her im too busy with my internship but if she wants one day on the weekend maybe i could.. i'll get to practice some Japanese too i guess.. we'll see what happens..

Me and Marie are planning to go to the Japanese restaurant soon and she said she'd let her friend Yoriko who ive met once come along.. should be fun.. but im too busy so i dont know when that'll happen.. Marie's little boy kept saying 'nani' the whole day, at anything and anyone..hes so cute..

I want to start a diet, now that i lost a couple of kilos when i got sick i feel motivated to lose some more weight.. especially since the past week at work we've been eating out, italian, chinese, indian, all food thats fattening and not good for you.. im still thinking what i can have thats not so fattening but im not really sure..

Fefechan told me today that Yamapi wont be graduating this academic year.. too bad, it would've been cool if he graduated now and had his first movie out.. zannen desu.. i cant beleive im going to graduate soon..

Fefechan i really miss you, i havnt seen you for so long.. reemy-chan too!

We used our chocolate fountain for the first time today, of course i wasn't as excited as everyone else since i don't like chocolate.. but it looks cool anyway.. the kids were dipping marshmallows and sucking the chocolate and dipping them in again..eew..

thats it for now..

PS i was thinking what would happen if i lost all my posts, if blogger crashed or something.. i would be so mad.. maybe i should start printing all my posts and keep them or something..


FeFe said...

i really dont know to say lol coz am tired but just to let u know that i read ur post..i will read no matter what lol..i planned to update today bs jikan wa arimasen deshita..hopefully would be nice if u tutor the little'll practice Japanese too..

thanks for mentioning..i miss u more wallah..hope to see you soon..

short comment sorry..TC

FeFe said...

one more thing...ur last note about blogger sutting down..i have been thinking the same ever since i started blogging..i thought of printing my posts..but i was too lazy to do so..we should do that really..cant gaurantee wht might happen ne bbye

Ima-chan said...

thanks fefe for the comment although you were tired.. can't wait for your next post..

did i say it was a little boy, its actually a little girl.. i'd like to tutor her but i dont know if i have the time really..

yeah we definitely need to print.. just click on the year and you'll get all the posts are just let it print it at once,, but make sure noone needs the printer before you start..