Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Hiragana Reading Practice for fefechan

Theres a catch here, its reading practice for her, but i actuallly want her to check my grammar since she knows a lot more than me, so i can omprove.


はじめて の にほんご の ポウスト(POST) です。いま です。いま、
コウヒ(COFFEE) を のんで います。あつすぎる です よ!+_+

さいきん、せんべい を たべたかった です。GACKT の 
”フウタア”(FUTURE) を きいて います。とても すてきな うた
です ね。

じゃ、バイバイ (BAI BAI) みんあ!

Here's the romaji version so you can see if you get it right:

Hajimete no nihongo no pousuto desu.
Ima desu.
Ima, kouhi wo nonde imasu. Atsusugiru desu yo! +_+
Saikin, Senbei wo tabetakatta desu.
Gackt no “future” wo kiite imasu. Totemo suteki na uta desu ne.
Ja, bai bai minna!

PS listen to future its good, you will find it in my fave on youtube, cant be bothered to post it here..


FeFe said...

Hi there..so ur affing extra work for me ha lol jk

well your sensei isnot better than you in japanese..i really dont think i am better i think you know lots coz ur not lazy as me..

there are two things that am not sure about.

first: " Hajimete no nihongo no pousuto desu". i dont think its wrong, but i think if you said " hajimete no nihongo de postu desu" it will make it clearer that you're posting in Japanese. but the sentence sounds weird ne?

second: "Senbei wo tabetakatta desu" do u mean, you wanted to eat senbei? if that is what you meant then its correct, but if u wanted to say i ate senbei, then its tabemashita.

Ja mata

Ima-chan said...

the second, i wrote i wanted to eat but what i actually wanted to say was, i have been wanting to eat.. but i thought wanted to eat would be ok LOL

the first, i guessd you are right.. it does sound weird that theres two "no"s but i found online that its right so i wrote it like that.. but the part that annoys me is "hajimete no" i dont get why they say like for first love, hajimete no koi, as i think of no as a possesive ' but anyways i wrote it like i found it online, but yeah nihongo de would be so much better..
arigatou senpai! looking forward to your corrections on my next japanese posts ;) lol giving you even more work.. next time there wont be any romaji to make sure you read the hiragana ;P

FeFe said...

lol i read both the hiragana and romaji..am ok with hiragana but not katakana u know..

i dont think there saying hajimete no koi..coz ur like saying my first love so that way it makes senese..as for ur first sentence..i didnt say its wrong! but with de it would sound better..

looking forward to ur next post..TC