Monday, 7 April 2008

Katakana Headache

I want to update but i have no idea what to write about..
Work is a pain! I don't mind working so much its that it takes the whole day, i get home at 5! theres no way i could do anything after that time esp. after working for so long. Next week is going to be heaven, im not sure about my schedule yet but i think the latest is 2! Ureshii~ demo next week i will start working on my captsone properly.. ganbarimasu yo ne!
I started reviewing Katakana again! for the 100th time! Forgetting the Katakana was getting on nerves, but i decided to use mnemonics and im pretty sure i wont forget Katakana again.. the assosiations really just stick in my head.. Of course, they are stupid and meaningless to anyone other than me.. It was funny when i tried to explain them to Bash and her sis yesterday, they looked at me like im wacko! +__+ it was quite frustrating actually when i was showing them hirgana.. let me show you..
ha- to me it looks like a face sideways.. the line to the left is the back of the head, the line to the right is the front of the head, and the line at the top going across is th eyes (or eyebrows) and the curvy bit at the bottom is a mouth. Do you see it? They didn't but in the end it turned out that they didnt hear the "sideways" bit so they couldnt see the face i was talking about..
Anyways, maybe i am crazy but if it means i'll memorize katakana then its worth it! definitely worth it!


Bash said...

So this is your last week with us !!
I'll miss you..
I know what you mean , I enjoy work but I don't have any free time except in the weekend -__- ..
Good luck with your graduation project.. Hope you get an A+

You know I like your way of memorizing things .. I think it's the best way to remember things.. I love your imagination , I wonder how long does it normally take you to come up with something to represent the letter.

は looooooooooool
I can see him really clearly now..
he is similar to this face -_- but from the side lool ,,

Take Care ^^

FeFe said...

well i think i will steal ur title ( katakana headache)..its the same for me..till now i cant memorize them properly..
the ha part .. i didnt get it and i told u before dont come up with weird stuff lol..only when bash included her representation of the face, i got it lol

TC and ganbatte in ur sure you will produce smth great

Love u