Tuesday, 15 April 2008

My newest fix

I'm embedding my latest addiction ^__^ MONGOL 800's Chiisana Koi no Uta and Shibasaki Kou's Ikutsuka No Sora. I actually heard the latter as the ending for the Japanese horror movie, one missed call.. such a beautiful song for such a freaky movie... umm.. It actually sounds 99% like a song i listened to about 50 times in the matter of 9 hours when we were on our way to Japan.. I think its probably it but im not sure.. anyway, it bring back memories.. of a *snoring* brother ^^ God, thats so annoying, he was snoring in my ear for almost 6 hours or so..
Kiite kudasai *please listen to them*

Couldnt find this except this vid with random pix, just listen don't need to look at it

Can you believe this was the ending of a horror movie..?!

By the way, i was just wondering, this is really random, do you guys know what a red bracelet means? If you see a girl wearing it, would it stand out or no? I'll tell you why i'm asking later but i just wondered if you knew..

I'm really hoping we'll go to the beach this Saturday since its finally open, no races or anything.. it will probably be our last time till next winter or so.. its getting hot.. I love the beach.. its really such a great place ne..

I went to the doctor today and she said my fasting sugar levels were quite high, for someone who'd been fasting before the test.. so i did a quick test there and it was fine.. but she said i really have to watch it since im at risk of Diabetes coz of my dad and his family.. and my mum kept insisting that something is wrong with my blood pressure.. coz it keeps fluctuating.. now shes banned us from having salt on the table.. she's like, you'll have your food as it is or you can starve.. LOL aggressive ne.. i don't think it will work.. I LOVE SALT! and anything salty..
Oyasumi minna


Bash said...

I'm replying to you from work XD
We miss you here .. Today we ordered Indian food . We're still waiting for our order -_- (as usual lol)

I'll listen to the songs later at home.

Umm , I don't know anything about the red bracelet thingy. If I saw a girl wearing one , I'd just think she likes red lol =P

Yaaaaaay ,, I'm so excited about going to the beach . Hope we have fun there .. We waited for a really long time.

loooooool ,, I liked how your mom reacted .. You should be more careful ok ! You know that she only did that because she's worried ..

Take Care

PS: I finished Bara No Nai Hanaya maybe 3 days ago. Its really nice ,now I want to watch something else. Send me another link XD
(Did I write the name of the Drama correctly? =P lol)

Ima-chan said...

Hey Bash.. i miss work to.. uni is sooo much more tiring.. and i miss the girls too.. i'll come visit you some day ;)

The bracelet thingy, OK.. i'll wait for Fefe's reply then i'll tell you what it means..

The beach.. finally! Can't wait to go..

You watched Bara no nai hanya?! Cool i thought you wouldn't complete it.. i'll introduce you to another drama then ;) yeah u worte it right ^__^

Bai Bai

FeFe said...

i commented...where is my comment:( cant remember exactly what i said but i know the first song and the second is a great song dear;)

i dont know what wearing red bracelet resembles!!! i dont know what i said ne..i just hope you get to go to the beach and you would better take care of your health..Love u

Bash said...

Hello ,,

Ducky Says hi ..
The other girls ask about you too !
It would be nice if you visit us or even work with us for good =P

The bracelet thingy, OK.. i'll wait for Fefe's reply then i'll tell you what it means..

lool ,, okik (fefe CHAAAAAN ,, I'M WAITING FOR UR REPLY , Hayakun .. Hayakuuuuun)

You watched Bara no nai hanya?! Cool i thought you wouldn't complete it.. i'll introduce you to another drama then ;) yeah u worte it right ^__^
lol ,, Yeah .. I liked it
OK ,, Choose something nice =P
I trust u lol

Ja, Mata Ne

PS: When is my next lesson ?!

Bash said...

Oh ,, I just noticed FeFe's reply ,,
OK Ima ,, tell us tell us tell us

Ima-chan said...

LOL @ Bash. Its not like its a secret or anything, its general knowledge thats why i wanted to see if you guys know it or not.. The red bracelet is a sign that the person wearing it is anorexic.. first it was meant for people not to feel alone if they see others with the bracelet, u know?! but now its more like they're proud of being anorexic..

I will come visit, defintely..

Fefechan: you probably know the first song from ProDai ne?! anyways.. come to the beach with us.. pretty please ^_^

Bash said...

I didn't know that ..

* Hayaku Hayaku

Is it right now ? :S

See you

FeFe said...

i didnt know about the bracelet either..and yes i know the first song from prodai;)

gome..i cannot come to the beach, i would love, too..

Enjoy ur time there..BaiBai