Thursday, 24 April 2008

Connie Talbot

This is a vid of one of the finalists on Britian's got talent 2007, 6 year old Connie, she has such a sweet voice. I love this song, the words, her voice.. here it is..

Oh and Fefe, just something for you to look at
By the way fefe, do you read shige's wagahai thingy? Its really funny ne.. and i love that he writes long entries.. oh Yamapi's post yesterday was just typical ne, talking about the weather and food.. LOL..

Jya oyasumi

1 comment:

FeFe said...

she sings very well and clearly.. she got a very nice voice

thanks for the link, liked the icons, especially num 006 ;)

typical entries are back .. expect now that food is going to be mentioned on a regular bases lol