Monday, 21 April 2008

Photo blog - Studying

I'm so exhausted from studying, noone realizes how much i study! Its tiring! (laughs) ^__^

Oh so many papers, she looks like shes studying hard!

Are~ whats under those papers?! No, i can't beleive my eyes.. maybe she was taking a break..

Yeah she must have been taking a break.. coz look at her screen.. she must be studying ne..

Upon closer inspection.. whats that?! Must be some uni files..

Huh?! Yamapi's nikki! Maybe she was doing some research.. no no she must be studying.. don't judge her too harshly..

Oh hora! more research.. yes yes the professor said to do A LOT of research..

News! Ah! she must be listening to some news clips while she studies, she is such a well-rounded person.. always reading the newspaper and keeping up with current news ne..

Whats this?! oh maybe her eyes were hurting her from reading too much so she had to heal them ^__^

And all these kawaii pix?! just taking a break, im sure she was studying so hard..
ah! reminiscing about the beach.. do you blame her?! LOL

Anyone want to try her studying methods.. they seem really enjoyable.. and you're guaranteed to get an A! Will you try them?!

PS yes thats how i study from time to time, but i do actually study for real... well.. sometimes.. ^__^


FeFe said...

very interesting porst =) you must be really studying hard ne i can tell from all the research you've done lol:P

i agree that you must have take break while studying but having such break..i know u cant go back to studying..with all these pretty faces ah.. lol like i dont do that..u know am so innocent..

TC..keep your posts coming

Ima-chan said...

LOL yeah right, you? innocent? LOL jk i know you study so hard.. wish i could be as disciplined but i cant.. but honestly, thats not how i study everyday.. i study like that once or twice a week maybe..

Research is very important ne.. the more research you do, the better.. hehe

about the quote i posted yesterday, did it mean anything to you? im wondering coz when i first read it, i was like, this can be interpreted in so many different ways.. anyways..

TC sweetie and thanks for always commenting..

Bash said...

looooooooooool ,,
I loved the idea of this post ,,
(I think it would've be nicer if you used print screen for the screen shots !)
Anyway ,, I think I'm like you ..
Sometimes I get distracted by alot of things so I take my laptop and go study in the room outside (no wireless connection), but I would still get distracted by the things already on the laptop =P,,,

Do you have to show us Yamapi in every post lol ?!

Awwwwww ,, I miss the beach !
Nice post ,, Sorry for the late comment ..

Ima-chan said...

Yeah screenshots would've been so much better.. why didnt i think of that >_<

LOL i dont even notice that im including him sometimes(yamapi).. what can i do..