Friday, 18 April 2008

Procrastinating & Early Memory Loss

Lately ive been procrastinating A LOT! i should be doing research for my capstone project as well as finishing my (huge) internship report and do my case study analysis for my Strategic Management class.. i wont say i haven't done anything, i have, but not enough! I should work more.. everyday i say i'll work harder today but then i get distracted, or rather, i procrastinate.. demo ima kara zettai ganbrimasu!

I'm definitely getting old. I keep forgetting everything lately.. i forgot i had a Japanese class on Wednesday! zannen deshita ne.. I also keep forgetting to take my pills, my Dr asked me if i've been taking my vitamin D pills and i was like, no sorry i forgot.. shes like, its only once a month, how can you forget.. A really annoying things is, i forgot the password to my msn chat logs (i dont know why i put a password anyways) and now whenever i want to check on something i cant.. i tried everything but i cant remember, all i remember is, it was a smart-arsed password.. ARGHH! nandemonai.. i will keep trying till i get it!

I've got this dilemma.. the place where i did my internship.. i really liked it and would love to work there.. they said they want me to work there.. but if i do i need to apply soon.. which means no holiday this summer =( its a bummer, i really don't know what to do.. Bash keeps saying i'll take a holiday later but the thing is, that holiday will come out of my few days of annual leave.. if i take a holiday now after uni.. it doesn't count.. im really not sure what to do.. but i really like the place..

I found out my cousin has been in Japan for 9 years! 9 years! I'm so jealous.. urayamashii (putting my new vocab to work fefechan ^^) I wish i could go there.. i'd settle for 9 months!

Hopefully we're going to the beach tomorrow (your all invited ^__^).. i think its the last time till next winter.. so im going to force myself to do some uni work so i dont have much to worry about tomorrow.. we want to be there at 8 LOL.. have to wake up so early ne.. but we want to swim and it will get soo hot later on so thats why.. hopefully it will be empty then ^__^ i hope no other crazy people like us would think of being there at 8 AM! but the world is fully of crazy people.. so you never know!

My posts are really boring ne.. i dont know what to write about.. i want suggestions LOL.. e.g. weird stuff from japan or something.. let me know..
*pic from queenofdorks on deviantart. not mine. don't sue me!

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FeFe said...

ganbatte in univ work dear..starting the projects is the difficult part but once you have started they become easier..

as for work, why dont you pray " 9alat el2ste5ara" and things will work they way Allah wants. wish u all the best:)

i miss you on'd better remember the password lol

going to the beach at 8!!! lol no comment..

dont say your posts are boring again.. nic pic btw...Take Care