Sunday, 13 April 2008

Last few months at uni, and missing Japan

I finally finished my internship and im now back at uni. I'm going to miss work, it was fun! I'm dreading my Strategic Management class, everyone says its very hard, its actually a business simulation game where we have to compete with other uni students all over the world, but i think mostly americans, in raising our virtual company's worth from $90m to about $250-300m! Thats got to be hard! but our professor told us that the girls in his class always make it onto the top 10 list out of 2000 other teams, so hopefully, we've got a good chance.

I've been thinking about Japan a lot lately, its just my kind of world, if i could i would spend the rest of my life there! My dad said something about me and him going to Japan in the summer, of course i was ecstatic but Marie-sensei says i won't enjoy it coz it would be too hot,humid, and rainy.. and i have to agree, if the weather's like that, i don't think i'd enjoy my time. So instead of going and it turning out a bad trip, im going to tell my dad to postpone it till winter next year or spring. The only thing is, if im working, i don't know what my holiday will be like.. how many days i can take off, and if i can take them at anytime or what.. we'll see.. but i'm definitely going to Japan soon. As much as i want to go to Japan, i really don't want to go before im at least a little bit better in Japanese.. but will i ever improve, i seem to be stuck at the same level.. God help me..

I'm finally breaking out the stuff i got in Japan. I havn't been opening or using anything since they're so precious to me ^_^ everytime i come to open something, im like, what if i never go, no i have to keep this as a memory.. but im finally opening and using some of my stuff.. i've decided i'll enjoy them but the thing is everytime i look at them i feel like going to Japan.. i have this cute little pen i bought that i start using but it distracts me form my studies coz i keep thinking of Japan..
Since i started uni, i can now use my pens and files i got from Japan ^^
I went a bit overboard with stationary, i must have brought with me around 40-50 files, and 30 pens or so..I just love the stationary there..

I was reading Yamapi's nikki (diary) today and he said that if he put on weight it doesn't matter coz he can lose 2 kilos in 2 days.. that seems so weird for someone so thin to say.. wish he'd share his secret with me..

My life has been quite boring recently.. but this weekend, zettai umi ni ikimasu yo! (i will definitely go to the beach)..

Mata ne ^___^


Cami said...

Hi Ima, speaking of Japan in summer, actually it's not too bad if you're lucky :p Last year Nico and I were in Tokyo in June. It turned out to be quite nice although his friends there did say that we were lucky to have arrived that particular week when the weather wasn't too hot and it only rained on the day we left. I hope you get to go again soon :) Your Japanese stationery is kawaii!!

FeFe said...

Hey ima..good luck in ur univ work thinking of japan all the time, especially when am at school lol..i should be thinking of lesson plans ne hehe..

i hope you get the chance to go to Japan again with your dad..its going to be fun for sure =)

kawaii stuff dear..nice colours;)and does the name " yamapi " have to get into your post by one way or another :P

Miss u loads .. Bai Bai..

Ima-chan said...

Cami: Really? umm i'll have to seriously think about it then ;) can't wait to go again..

hehe i'd forgotten that i even mentioned him, i had to check the post to see what u were talking about :P Miss you too..