Wednesday, 23 April 2008


We had a Japanese class today which was interesting. I don't know why i can't even say a straight sentence there, when at home i could write paragraphs :S I just get tongue-tied and can't say anything right there.. i guess i don't like to be put in the spotlight and having to come up with an answer with everyone waiting for me. When Farag-sensei used to come and only i would be in the class, before everyone came, he would really talk to me about many things and i could answer straight away and stuff but when others are around i go all dumb LOL.. I'm going to practice speaking with marie-san although i don't like to coz i know if i make mistakes she wont correct me, shes just too polite.. you know..?! anyways, i will force myself to practice with her.. and im thinking of starting blogging in Japanese.. ofcourse it wont be anything like this, maybe pictures and simple things..

I can't wait for this year's summer festival which the Japanese school will host. Last year's was a blast.. i had so much fun and being around so many Japanese people was such a high LOL although now that I've been to japan, it wont be as exciting but I'm looking forward to it.. Last year i saw my now-japanese-teacher, Farag-sensei, there and his daughters but ofcourse i didn't know him..

My bro came back from uni today and unexpectedly came and gave me a gift. I shouldn't be surprised coz he gives me gifts quite a lot.. sometimes little things, sometimes big.. but since coming from Japan (where we were fighting all the time) he hasn't given me anything, dakara bikkurishita! (so i was surprised!)

(as you can see from the background, i was studying at the time ^^)

I want to go to the beach this weekend too.. and i want to spend at least 4 hours in the water! I hope we go..

My dad wants to take us to Romania in the summer.. hes been there a couple of times coz hes business partner+friend is from there.. his friend has been inviting us there for years so my dad wants us to go this summer.. I think it would be nice but in my heart i really don't want to go anywhere else but JAPAN! Theres no way they're traveling without me so i will have to go and look for work when i come back.. i actually don't mind if i don't find work LOL i wouldst mind it for a couple of months but mum says she'll make me learn to cook if i stay at home for more than a month! LOL

NewS's new PV for their song Summer Time is out.. they all look so cute and summer-y ^__^

This is one of the things i got my mum from Japan, its an incense burner, its weird thats why i got it.. smells of sakura, really nice..

Oh and one of the other things i got her is really cute, i must show it to you guys.. i LOVED it.. Can't be bothered to ask her for it now so i'll show it to you in a couple of days..

I guess thats it for now.. Oyasumi~


FeFe said...

I enjoyed the japanese class today too..its weird that you dont talk a lot in the class, but i really do believe that u know a ganbatte..

i guess farag-sensei would invite us to the summer festival coz he did last year..

I hope u go to the beach this weekend, you just cannot have enough ha..

about Romania..i remember that you told something similar in our 1st univ year lol hope u really go this time..

the incense looks nice..Oyasumi

Bash said...

I was so disappointed when you told me the beach is closed tomorrow =[

So what was the gift he brought you ?! =P ..

Hope you have fun in Romania but I'll kill you if you don't come to MeMo's wedding ! It will be in June ..

Umm ,, You're saying you don't want to work but I'll bet you'll change your mind later ..

Wow ,, The pink incense burner looks so cuuute ,, Loved it ..