Friday, 25 April 2008

Disappointment is refreshing-NOT-!

I'm so disappointed, we're not going to the beach tomorrow.. there a race going on again so the only way we could get to the island is if we went by helicopter or private jet, and unfortunately our jet is having maintenance work done on it at the moment.. so we wont be going.. which is a total bummer! I really wanted to go.. but oh well..

I made a CD for my mum's friend A full of her kids' photos that i've taken in the last few months.. I have soooo many pix of them coz we see them so often, i really feel like they're my little sisters and bro.. its nice.. having little kids to play around with and be goofy ;) plus they're not really close to their relatives and such so we're their surrogate family..LOL.. So A was passing by our house on her way home so she stopped for a cuppa tea and she had my little adopted baby with her, who was asleep when they arrived and slept in my room for a couple of hours, but then woke up as they were walking down the stairs to leave our house.. lol.. i was disappointed that she was asleep coz i havnt seen her for a while and desperately wanted to play with her.. so i was really annoyed when she woke up as they were leaving..

My little nephew spilt all the fish food on my bed earlier today :S The sheet and duvet has been changed but i don't feel like sleeping in my bed now! Ah dou shiyou kana~?

Oh and our stupid cat has been caught with his paw in the fish bowl.. we only have one fish which my sister's friend gave her as a present, which is a shame coz no one in this house likes fish.. and its such a responsibility having to feed it and such.. anyways, "Bob" they called him LOL and he lives in a round bowl since hes small and all alone, not in a fish tank, one of those fish bowls you see in cartoons.. so cute.. So Piper -the cat- was caught with his paw in LOL now we've had to put a piece of mesh so he can't put his paw through it.. I feel sorry for the fish.. we've had him for almost a month now, poor thing leads such a boring life, if he dies it would be for the best i think.. im not mean -or maybe i am- but what kind of life is it going round and round in circles forever and ever.. its actually rather frustrating to look at, so living it...

Random but its weird, i never feel like my mum even has an accent, but when her friend A comes over and i listen to them both talking its like she goes all british-y with her.. hmmm..

What should i do tomorrow?? This weekend has been so boring.. i was thinking of going ice-skating this week but i didn't.. maybe this coming Thursday i'll go since i don't have class.. it would probably be so empty coz everyone's at school and i can have the whole ice rink to myself.. i hope so.. i love ice skating but i havn't been in a while..

I'm going to embed-again- a Connie Talbot song, its my favourite things from the sound of music.. its just refreshing, thats all..

Well, i hope that was refreshing.. hhh.. TC people

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