Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Nothing in particular

Today the Japanese delegation i talked about, they sent a gift for me. Ureshii! ^^ Theres so nice. it turned out to be a cake.. Oh and Bash's boss asked me to choose which university (out of the ones they represented) i would choose and why, so i sent him a casual hand written note today and he sent Bash back saying that he would like me to send the same thing by email, officially ^^ i guess he will forward it to the people in charge of choosing..

Today the girl im working with (my junior supervisor) found out i could speak some Japanese and she was like, oh please say something.. so i was like, what do you want me to say? She said, how are you. i felt stupid saying 'ogenki desu ka' it seems so easy, she should've asked for something harder lol but then again, whatever i say, she wouldn't know.. i could have been saying theres a spider on your head for all she knows.. Then she told me, can you speak French? I said no, she said, you look like you can speak French! WTH! LOL

On Saturday when Bash was over we were playing a stupid but fun-in-in-stupid-way game LOL its called oodles of doodles and you have to draw 8 things related to a theme and the others have to guess.. This is my sis A's drawing LOL
Can you guess them without looking at the answers?
1. leaning tower of pisa. 2. i thought its the pyramids but apparently its the Eiffel tower 3. big ben. 4.great wall of chine WTH ur drawing sux sis 5.the pyramids. 6.taj mahal. 7.I have absloutely no idea what it is although i got it right at the time 8.Stone henge (she drew stones coz she didnt know what they were, neither did bash LOL) (the E's are what i got right, the lonely B is Bash's ;P )

Heres a pic of my japanese gift

Thats all for now, got to go work on my captsone proposal. TC

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FeFe said...

nice post..nice game and nice gift lol =) so ima-chan u'll do ur master in Japan lol and for sure ull not leave me alone here..i want to go to japan more than before..

i agree with u on ur sis drawing..the Eiffel tower thing, i would never guess it i was playing ..good u explained the E and B thingy, i was going to ask but then i read ur note..

Take Care:-*