Tuesday, 22 April 2008


I just felt like answering one of these since i see them everywhere.. I'm tagging Fefe-chan and Bash, that means you have to answer the questions and post them on your blogs.OK?

5 things you miss right now:

  1. My friends
  2. Yamapi (LOL as if I’ve ever met him, I mean watching him)
  3. Calpis
  4. Japan’s KFC..yummy!
  5. JAPAN

5 things you can’t imagine going through your day without:

  1. Reading Yamapi’s nikki (diary)
  2. Having a cup of tea
  3. Listening to Japanese music
  4. Using my laptop
  5. Brushing my teeth?! LOL

5 things that are in your wallet right now: (don’t make it up, go check)

  1. Extra’s sugarfree watermelon chewing gum. (don’t ask why its in my wallet not my bag)
  2. My USB/flash (whatever you want to call it)
  3. Maybelline’s shiny.licious lip gloss
  4. Money
  5. Cards (driving license, health card, airmiles, blood donor’s card, and Japanese restaurant loyalty card)

Last 5 movies/episodes of a show you’ve watched:

  1. TFP 2 with Yamapi as a guest
  2. Edison no haha ep.
  3. Su-ki-da (Japanese movie)
  4. Ooku (Japanese movie)
  5. House MD ep.
This is supposed to make people learn more info about you or figure out your personality or something. Did you learn anything new about me? I don't think so.. LOL.. but I'd like to see your answers guys..

OK desu (laughs at Pi)
Bai Bai


Bash said...

I love reading these tags ,, but I'm always too lazy to do them lol..

Um , I don't think I learned anything new .. I was sure I'm gonna see Yamapi's name on this post too lol =P ..

U & FeFe are funny when it comes to checking Pi's nikki lol .. You guys are so addicted .. I think I'm gonna hack the website just to see your reactions looool =P

I'll post mine later ..
Thanks for the tag I guess =P
Take Care

FeFe said...

interesting post dear. you will never stop amusing me with your great posts....as bash said, nothing new to learn but why your wallet have USB and lip gloss in it lol..

are the Japanese movies you watched interesting? I want to watch something new..if yes, are they up on crunchyroll?

Bash: am really addicted to it, why dont you try and read his nikki lol?! and dont ever think of hacking it lol

TC all

Ima-chan said...

Bash: you better not hack it or you'll be terribly sorry ;P

Fefe: the USB is as long as my nail and as thin as a stack of 5 papers maybe so if i dont put it in my wallet, theres no way i can find it.. its so small.. the lipgloss.. well.. my bag is full of junk that it gets lost easily too.. thats why..

Ooku was good, but im not sure if its your type.. su-ki-da was one of those movies with not a lot of talking and verry slow, but i liked it.. im not sure if i'd recommend it.. if your bored watch it, if not, then dont.. theres better movies out there..

Also, dont make bash addicted!! BASH DONT LISTEN TO HER, DONT READ HIS NIKKI OR YOU WILL REGRET IT! its so addicting..


Bash said...

FeFe: I read the birthday entry the other day when Ima opened it in my office .. I have to admit it was interesting ;)

Ima: lol ,, don't worry I won't hack it . I won't read it either looool . Maybe one day when I'm bored with nothing to do =P