Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Rubik's Cube

I'm starting to like Shige (Kato Shigeaki from NewS) more by the day. He writes such long and interesting posts, as opposed to some -ahem ryo ahem- who only write something once in a blue moon. I'm becoming addicted to these jwebs, don't know how i used to live without reading them every single day.. Oh and for once, Yamapi didn't write about food or the weather ^^

I went over to marie-san's house today after uni, and had such a wonderful time. The food was really delicious and we talked mostly about Japan so i definitely had a great time. Oh and her baby is so cute mashallah, as is her little boy who kept asking for more and more sweets ^_^ hehe lucky boy, i wish my mum would listen to me everytime i say i want sweets.. hehe.. Arigatou marie-san. totemo tanoshikatta desu!

Later on i had my Japanese class which was interesting, we spend a while talking about the Japanese culture and how polite and well-mannered the japanese people are. Then we went off topic completely and talked about some weird words-not japanese-. Anyways, it was an interesting class.. omoshirokatta desu ne, fefechan.. learning another language is fun coz we make silly mistakes..

When i got home i found that my sis A is here, what a nice surprise! Unfortunately i have uni stuff to work on and didnt even sit with here till now..

Next time i go to Japan im seriousely going to track yamapi down and meet him.. i had this scenario in my head..
i got to his uni and pretend to be there coz i want to enroll or something.. ask around about him, im sure everyone knows him and what classes hes in.. then wait for him to show up at class but dont talk to him then.. follow him home, and then ambush him LOL
unfortunately, the next time i go to Japan he will've graduated i guess.. but other than that, its a good plan ne? ^_^

I'm too tired to write anything except, I can't wait for Last Friend's 3rd episode, but i don't think its even out in Japan yet so.. i have to wait.. Oyasumi

PS if you figure out what the title has to do with (why i chose it), i'll give you a prize ;)


M sensei said...

Konbanwa! Ima-chan! (How did you choose this name?? just wondering!)

Arigato- for coming over to our house! I really had a good time with you.I am sure so did my kids! Mata asobi ni kitene!
mata issho ni lunch tabemasho~!


Ima-chan said...


Hehe the name came from Kato Shigeaki's nikki.. I was waiting for my friend fefechan to figure it out but she not commenting lately, too busy i guess..

Iie thanks for having me, i had a great time.. perhaps when you come back from Japan we can have lunch again.. We might go to the beach tomorrow, i'll let you know incase you want to come ^_^

Mata ne

FeFe said...

Hi ima .. am really sorry for the late comment but you know i thought i commented on this post specifically..maybe in my dreams haha ok anyhow..i knew that the titke came from Kato Shigeaki's nikki..

ps: its nice to see your sensei's comments..i guess we can learn some japanese at least..TC sweetie