Friday, 2 May 2008

Summer is here!

The last couple of days have been so busy. Capstone + the Strategic Management class are taking over my life! Aaaah~ can't wait to finish!

Yesterday i watched Budou no ki, which is about foster kids and parents, it was interesting, but so sad. Ototoi i watched the sp for 1 liter of tears (ryo nishikido being in it doesn't have anything to do with why i watched it..honestly..) and ofcourse i cried a liter of tears if not more. Then when i watched budou no ki i cried even more LOL im so glad i have my own room to cry in without interruption ^_^

Later on i decided to go to Daiso since i was so bored, didn't find anything interesting but i got some senbei.. Oh and finally had McDonald's which i havn't had since i was in Japan.. So ofcourse i started reminiscing..

Somehow, i feel like ive read a book. LOL. but i don't remember reading one, maybe in my dreams. Lately i started having really vivid dreams where before i didn't even dream most nights..

I love listening to NewS's easy come easy go, its so fresh and upbeat!

Its summer time as NewS keep reminding us, esp yamapi in his nikki, everyday he says "summer is here".. so i guess its time for icecream again, not that i like icecream anyways, but i dont mind icecream sandwiches..

Fefe-chan, remember the うらしまたろう story we tried reading before, i guess in October or something, and we read the first 2 pages and it was too hard, we didn't understand the verbs.. I tried reading it backwards LOL started with the last page. It was so much easier, all words and verbs we know.. so yeah moral of the story, read stories starting with the end, they're easier ;P
Except, i know urashimatarou opened the box he wasn't supposed to open and turned into a white bearded old man but im not sure where the box came from, got to read the beginning i guess LOL

Thats all since i really have to finish working on my capstone and some other assignment i have. Jya ne.

PS Maybe i should stop reading yamapi's nikki. I had to rewrite this post almost 4 times coz its seemed all about food..


FeFe said...

hey ima sorry for not commenting on the earlier posts..i was too busy with internship and univ stuff really but i have been reading ur posts..

i hope ur doing well so far in ur capstone and strategic management class..

its good that ur watching in ur own room so no one can see you cry lol..when i was watching Budou no ki, i was with my sister in the same room but i felt like crying i took my lapotop and went to the other room so no can see me hehe..

ah am sorry u didnt find anything interesting at Diaso but at least you got to buy senbei..oishii

lool to the reading book thing..maybe u read in ur dreams hehe

about " summer time and easy come and easy go" they are both refreshing as u said ..they just give you the feeling of wanting to finish this semester quickly lol NewS dai suki

yah i stil remember the story we read was harb back then .. i tried reading the same pages again once when i was bored at was a little bit easier..but this is the first time in my life to hear that reading from the end is easier hehe..

good luck in ur univ tasks and nice pic btw


Ima-chan said...

well reading from the end doesn't really make it easier hehe except in this story coz it has easier words..

thanks for commenting, i know your busy ;) TC