Friday, 30 May 2008


Facebook is going to kill this blog.. ive been writing on there and neglecting writing here.. although i can't really write much there coz theres a lot of people who could read it who i really don't want to be reading my posts..

I've been working hard on my captsone project, its almost done now, just some formatting, and fixing our bibliography.. The first draft is due on Sunday, and the 2nd/last on the 5th.. I've also been working on my management class' final report.. I think by tomorrow i should be almost done with everything.. only a little tweaking to do..

My mum's friend A & her kids came over yesterday. After playing with them for a few hours, i wanted to get rid of them (except my adopted baby ofcourse) so i gave them face paint and sent them in a room to play. I thought, the worst case they'd have their faces black or something, and we could just wash their faces.. little did i know what was about to happen.. half an hour later all three of them came out looking like clowns, they had painted their faces, arms to their shoulders, hands, legs (from their heels to above their knees) and ofcourse there was paint on their clothes, on my sister's bed, floor.. lol it was everywhere.. then my baby took colours to match my clothes (by chnce ofcourse) and stated painting on my hands.. Overall, it was a nice visit (as usual lol) but my baby had to leave our house dressed in her swimming costume lol coz she got wet 3 times and they ran out of clothes.. i even had her in my sister's tshirt which was like a huge dress on her, but she looked so cute..

Theres this song i heard a couple of times in Japan in different stores. I really liked it, i was so desperate to know who sings it that i asked a salesman at one of the shops if he knew.. he was like, i knew who but i forgot! So anyways, the lyrics are really catchy.. i just remembered it now for some reason and plugged the only words i could remember into yahoo and found the song!

Its Lovin' Life by Funky Monkey Babys, a Japanese hip-hop band.. kiite kudasai.. its good.. and if you look up the translation, the words are really cool..

I think i'll get some more work done..


Bash said...

looool ,,
Bad Ima ..
You should be loyal to this blog =P
Now I really should register. The other day when I went to college (Wednesday)my friend Sara told me she had an account and she added a lot of our teachers lol..

I should check it out..

Why didn't you take pictures ?
I can't believe you gave them face paint without expecting the mess that will happen. Kids and Painting aren't a good Match =P

Take Care
Missed you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much

FeFe said...

I was wondering why you have not updated lately..I was thinking you must be busy with capstone and stuff and it turned out to be face book ha lol

glad you are almost done with your capstone..Wish you all the best..

I agree with bash why didnt you take pictures of them and how didnt you except this mess to happen lol

lol to band's name and to the song..I liked it because its different from what I listen to..sakula sakula sakula..I added it to my favorites

Take Care..

Ima-chan said...

im still going to write here but coz i here i always feel like i have to write long posts.. there its ok to write a few sentences thats why its easier when im busy just to write there..

the lyrics i remembered were" sakura sakura sakura" only lol.. but i typed it in yahoo with the word lyrics and found the song ;) the band's name is funny ne..

check out my youtube account in the favourites ive added a couple of cool songs that you might like.. maybe,, i dont know your taste that well..