Sunday, 1 June 2008

movies & tea

Our graduation project is finally done, its now up to 98 pages! the appendix itself is about 35 or so pages. We're handing in the first draft tomorrow, and then on 5th is final draft.

I went to see "what happens in Vegas" today. It was really funny and i liked it. On Monday (i think) i had to go to uni just to sign my name and come back and since it already takes 45 mins going and coming back me and my mum decided to do something in town before leaving so we went to the cinema and watched "Miss Pettigrew lives for a day" which i didn't like at all but my mum loved. then today she didn't like the movie and we all did..

I feel gulity, i had 800 cals today.. ive decided to have 500 or less a day for as long as i can... lets see how far i can go with this. i love tea so much that im sacrificing these 500 on tea with milk and sugar instead of having something to eat.. tea is the best!

I don't have anything else to say.. so good night people..
bai bai


FeFe said...

Yokatta're done with your graduation project =) Wish you all the best...the presentation is what is left so good luck

I dont know what else to say but are on a diet? I cannot live without tea, too

Bash said...

finally ,, hope it all goes well.
The movie was funny but I didn't like it that much, I was actually a bit disappointed. Maybe you liked it because you thought you won't lol.