Friday, 13 June 2008

Natsu Matsuri

So yesterday i went with my little sis to the Japanese festival, and we met fefechan and her sis, cousin(not really sure lol?) and sis in law, there. The kids did some kind of performance, it was ok.. we met our sensei there and saw his wife and kids too.. and he even bought us some takoyaki to try.. it was softer and squijier (lol u know what i mean) than i thought it would be.. but it tasted awright.. overall the festival was fun but somehow different than last year.. Here are some pix, bad ones sorry but my sis took them coz i was too shy to..

kids selling some biscuit-thingy at a stand, they were screaming their heads off just so people would buy from them..
Old games section..mukashi no asobi taiken lol thats what it says on the board, i know mukashi and asobi but no clue what taiken means..
This scary guy you see everywhere, who the heck is he anyways?!
Takoyaki, looks yummy doesnt it?!
kakigouri, shaved ice with flavoured syrup, this is the blue hawaii one, it was sweet but no other taste, last year i had the pineapple one which was so good i had another one..
Anpan (bread with a sweet bean paste), i bought about 5 to take home with me but now i realize it was a mistake.. its too sweets and fills you up rather quickly.. i had one yesterday and one today.. and still have 3 left..

Well, thats it for now.. bai bai

PS i got up with a mysterious rash on my left hand today, why just one hand? what did i touch with only one hand? i can't think of anything? and what is this reaction from? ive never had any allergic reaction or anything before.. i hope its gone by tomorrow.. its nothing big but it scared me..

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FeFe said...

Natsu matsuri wa tanoshikatta desu.. it was my first time to be there so I dont know how last year's was..

also the takoyaki was better than the one I tried at Japan..and it looks oishii..but i didnt like the anpan that much