Friday, 13 June 2008

Graduation present from fefe-chan!

So what have i been up to?

On Wednesday we had our last Japanese lesson for the year. Nothing interesting that i can remember except we discussed the "killing spree" that happened in Akihabara. Then fefe-chan gave me a graduation present! yay! ureshii! To tell you the truth i was going to get her a present but i thought she would laugh at me coz we're both graduates, you know.. but now i definitely will ^^

Arigatou fefe-chan!

The present was really well thought out, it had green, my favourite colour, vanilla, my favourite smell/flavour, and something practical that i was about to buy anyways.. Take a look at the pics ^_^

A GREEN ipod!..with my name engraved on the back!

Litte chocolates with graduation capts on 'em.. kawaii~
and VANILLA lotion/cream/mist!

Hontou ni arigatou fefe-chan :-*
Another post coming up in a bit


FeFe said...

pi looks kawaii in the ipod ne;) plus i didnt like the box but it was the only green one that I found lol

ps: you wouldn't have known about engraving your name if I hadn't told you lol no you would know eventually ne

dou itashimashite..Take Care:-* thanks for writing it in green;)

Ima-chan said...

i would have notcied the name, but coz i hadnt taken it out of the box yet when you asked me ;)