Sunday, 15 June 2008

Outing with the girls

I met up with fefechan & her sis, and some of our friends from uni at the mall today. We hung out and had some coffee first and then we went to the cinema. The girls then stayed on for lunch and stuff but i had to leave coz my mum had to take my sis somewhere. totemo tanoshikatta! It was nice coz it was a really comfortable atmosphere when were were at the cafe.. during the movie, i spent half the time wondering if i was annoying fefechan as i ate my popcorn (i tried not to eat it too loudly lol but who knows) and the other half fighting sleep.. i couldn't sleep much yesterday so i was ready to doze off during the movie.. although it was loud and noisy, my eyes kept closing, thats how tired i was.. but the movie was ok, the first was better i think, but this wasn't bad, we watched Narnia 2..

By 5:30 i couldn't stay awake any longer so i had a nap for an hour (but it felt like HOURS).. im still tired now but i dont think i'll be able to sleep quickly tonight coz of my nap..

Tomorrow i have a doctors appointment in the morning and then we're going to the salon.. hair, nails, and all that stuff we girls love to do lol.. i'm gonna take the ipod coz we always end up spending hours there.. i usually try reading their magazines but most of the times they're a bit more R-rated than i like.. honestly..

My sis H has her friend over, shes sleeping over again.. i wish my friends would sleep over, no way in hell huh! lol..

I heard some good news from my cousin but its supposed to be a secret so i can't say what.. but im really happy..

I havnt seen Bash in a decade! =S she didn't even come to the Japanese festival even though she wanted to before, but she said she wasn't up for it.. i understand but i just havnt seen her in such a long time.. you didnt come and congratulate me on graduating! (come we'll make you your favorite fajitas) are you trying to avoid me Bash? I know your reading this!! lol

I miss you marie-san! we need to meet up as soon as your back.. can't wait to see A-chan and A-chan lol

My older bro was just asking about our plans for the summer, if we're traveling.. coz apparently hes going to London.. and i realized that apart from going to Japan with me, my bro has never traveled with us during summer.. maybe when we were little but since high school he hasn't.. always traveling on his own, with friends and stuff..

im bored.. gonna go watch yet another ep of criminal minds.. im getting better at profiling, be careful what you do around me people ;) and if you've never watched the show, then you should.. at least one episode, you wont regret it..

OK then, peace out


FeFe said...

thanks for coming today..hontouni tanoshikatta =)

lool to the popcorn thing..I was thinking the same while eating nachos hehe..No you weren't a bother at all;)

lol my sis was asking me to go to the salon tom too but i cannt because of my nails condition u know..anyhow go and get your nails will make you feel refreshed ne

Hope you see Bash and Marie sensei as soon as possible

enjoy watching criminal minds;)


Bash said...

Oh ,, that is so cool. I'm glad you got to go out with your friends XD.

loool ,, I saw you the other day. Does the offer still stand ? * she'll do anything for her fave dinner =P*

I have one week off .. Yay

Sorry I didn't congratulate you, I never had the time + was kinda depressed