Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Natsu matsuri next week!!


I'm in a good mood today.. i'm finally done, just a 10 min presenation left on sunday.. it feels so good not having to worry about handing something in or preparing presenations and all that uni-related crap..

I totally forgot about the japanese class today, but i wouldnt've gone anyhow coz we had to go visit my aunt and there was no getting out of it.. so fefechan posted the lesson on her blog, how sweet.. arigatou~ fefechan! She also included good news.. well one isnt.. next week is the final japanese class.. but the the week after we'll go to farag-sensei's japanese restaurant with him and all of our class! that should be funnnn.. oh and next week, the japanese school are having their summer festival! I'm really excited.. i can't wait to go.. its going to be even more fun than last year coz this year fefechan will go.. last year i took my sister,bash, and my adopted-baby's mum (and bro and sisters who had a blast) with me.. and i met a japanese woman i know there.. and got introduced to the japanese ambassador.. and met another japanese woman i know.. but i didnt know farag sensei then.. i wondered who he was.. demo marie-san wont be here this year, zannen desu ne.. but i will take pictures this time and upload them.. reemy-chan has been saying she wants to go, can you go reemy-chan? bash too? its on thursday at 5 at the japanese school.. i hope they have takoyaki, last year they did and i didnt try it and i regretted it, now i want to try it.. oh and i hope i meet K who i met there last summer and we hit it off (shes half japanese half local)..

I really like FUNKY MONKEY BABYS! they're quite good.. oh and theres this song by GOING UNDER GROUND (what a name) called トゥモロウズ ソング, tomorrows song, its good..

I honestly didnt realize (coz i was busy working on stuff) that today is the last day i'll see everyone, except for my capstone group (which consists of my closeest friends at uni) who i'll see at the presneation on sunday, the others have differnt timings for their presenations so we wont see them.. just before we left i saw everyone start to hug and cry and then i realized that its the last day.. it was sad but knowing we will see them for the actual graduation ceremony next year made it a bit easier.. i really will miss the girls, its just the work i wont miss..

My dad asked me for the millionth time what i want for grdaution, what kind of gift and if i want a party or something, and once again i said i dont want anything.. i dont want a party!! my mum wanted to book a hall at a hotel and let me have a party but i said no, coz the poeple i want to come wont be able to.. so whats the point! and i still havnt found any gift i want, its frustrating, i dont want anything! unless its a ticket to japan..

this summer i have to study some Japanese, i was just thinking about it, and although i now understand 70% more of Japanese than i used to this time last year, i still don't speak it much better..20% better maybe, not more.. i know so many grammar rules and stuff but can never use them for some reason.. since tomorrows my first (un-official) day off, im going to study Japanese..

OK im going to find something to watch now.. good night everyone!


FeFe said...

hi 10 min is all what is left from univ lol;)wish you all the best in your presentation..and its sad that you didnt know that it was your last day!

I'm sure we'll going to enjoy kotoshi no natsu matsuri..cannot wait=)
btw: I have tried takoyaki. we bought it from Japan..I didn't like it that much but my sis Sh likes it a lot


hope you decide on something for your graduation gift lol..

same here, my ability to understand Japanese is much better than before but its not the same with speaking although I improved demo ganbarimashou

Looking forward to your next post.

Bash said...

Good Byes are really hard.

I still remember my last day at college. I miss the girls soooo much.

I remember our last day wasn't the last because we decided to come to college later for a small re-union the week after =P . It was really nice. You should do it , just a gathering at the uni with all the girls without having to think about your project for once !

WOW , I enjoyed it last year at the festival. I'll try to make it this year too.

Congrats on finishing everything .Good luck in your presentation, Yay last day .