Wednesday, 11 June 2008

kinou to ototoi..

Yesterday we went to DXB to visit some friends before they go to the US on vacation. We've known these poeple since we were little kids, up until i was 18 we used to hang out with them at least once or twice a week, our mums were really close, and us the kids too.. but then they moved to DXB and we don't see each other that often anymore, but when we do, its like we never were separated.. Anyways, so we went to see them and we had fun, somehow we ended up watching half of Ice Age 2 since their little brother was watching it, and it was hilarious! We found some old pictures of when we were younger, at the beach and park and we couldn't stop laughing.. then we kept talking about how naughty we were back them and stuff.. it was really fun seeing them..

The day before i went with my friend G and M to Chilli's for lunch, and we saw some girls from uni there.. not really our friends so we didn't talk to them but we were surprised coz we didnt expect to see anyone we knew there.. We had a lovely lunch and talked about everything, Japan ketp popping up ofcourse, after we finished eating we were just sitting talking and stuff.. we had already been there for an hour and 45 mins, our waiter came up to us with wet-ones (i dont know what you call them) and the bill! We hadn't asked for it so we got so mad! Its not like they were closing or anything, and there were poeple in there that had been there before we came, and its not like it was crowded or anything so they needed the table.. we were mad but didn't want to make a scene so we just decided to be childish and not leave him a tip! lol service charge is included anyways so we're like screw him we're not leaving a tip and left before he could notice.. anyways, it was fun.. kinda.. lol..

So my adopted baby, A's daughter, just woke up covered in spots, her mum tells me! shes got chicken pox.. im not going to see her for a while.. i cant stand spots they make me want to throw up :S

I have a Japanese class later, and then the Japanese school festival tomorrow..

I was wondering if cinnamon toast is an American thing, our friend J (the one we visited) and her sis S taught us how to make it when we were kids, but i've never seen anyone else i know have it, and im pretty sure they didn't invent it.. it must be an American thing..

OK well, i better go review the lesson they took in the Japanese class last week..
Bai Bai

PS fefechan, if you find shige's jweb posts anywhere,please let me know.. i sooooo miss them!


FeFe said...

glad you had great time there in Dubai with your friends..I was going to ask if they're American but I now I know when you mentioned the cinnamon thing..

aww sorry to hear that you cannot see your adopted baby for a while..

ps If I were with you at Chilli's I would definitely get mad at him..but I'm trying to hold back my tempor these days since I get irritated easily..I faced a situation yesterday in one of the fast food's restaurant..I'd probably write about it - If I remembered lol.

demo I liked that you didn't give him a tip lol;)he deserved it

I don't have any idea about shige's jweb but I will let you know if I come across any website

don't forget the Japanese class today;) Ja ne

Reemy-chan said...

heey Ima finally :P .. glade to hear that u enjoyed ur visit to dxb ^^..

as well, i was very happy with both of u :D .. the lunch was great.. thanx ima ^^..