Sunday, 8 June 2008

Weekend recap

EDIT: i wrote this yesterday, can't be bothered to go and change the tense and stuff so yeah.. anyways..

I honestly can't remember what i did on friday at all! if anyone knows what i did, please remind me XD

Yesterday we went to DXB, we just went to the mall and the cinema.. (Cami, i got that pic for you, thats like the mall in japan).. In the cinema, it was me and my sis, and a guy and a girl only.. it was nice having the cinema to ourselves, we watched Prom Night which wasn't that good, but it was ok i guess..

i when to the bookshop but didn't really find much i liked so i got two books, later on in another book shop i found a miniDICTIONARY.. ive been looking for a Japanese-English dictionary and havnt found any, this one had half of it Japanese-English so i got it anyways..

Today i got up early and was at uni at 9:15.. me and my group had decided to meet at 9:30 to at least practice what we were going to say in our presentation (its just oral, no visual aids or anything). Our professor had told us to come early coz they had a party (with the other business faculty) and wanted to finish with us quickly to get to it. Their party was at 12.. and our presentation was scheduled for 12! so we thought we might be in and out by 11.. we ended up presenting at 12.. we spent all that time hanging around waiting for our turn, which only made us more nervous.. the presentation went very well, thank god, for some reason all the professors there kept asking me all the questions after the presentation and i ended up answering all the questions even though most were not related to my part.. oh i was nervous coz i thought i was going over time when it was my turn to talk, that when it was my friend G's turn after me, i messed up her name and said M's is going to conclude with.... lol this is someone i see EVERYDAY at uni lol so it was funny but except for 3 professors, the others didnt know us so they didnt realize.. i dont know if the other ones realized lol.. anyways.. they told us our presentation was really good and stuff.. and more about the publishing thingy.. we'll see..

then i got home to find a cake, balloons, and cards on my bed.. i dont like cake but it was a nice gesture so i tried to eat some >_<, the cards are pretty sweet.. the one from my little brother, he wrote with his best handwriting, love.. (his name).. i could tell he was trying to make his handwriting very neat lol..

The card from mum..

Card from my bros..

Fefe-chan wanted me to go with her and some girls to this game arcade place on tuesday.. i want to go, it would be fun.. but we'll be in dxb again visiting friends before they go to the US. I met my cousin at uni as i was leaving, and shes going to the US in 2 days time so she told me to go over today.. im pretty tired but i'd like to sit with her, i havnt seen her for a while.. so me and my sis are going over in an hour or so..

I watched a couple CRIMINAL MINDS eps yesterday, i havnt watched any season 3 eps so i started, bad mistake, i couldnt sleep, i kept imagining things, every shadow in my room was scaring me, i even got scared of my own hair lol.. oh well..

I saw on yahoo news today about this guy who rammed his truck into pedestrians in akihabara and the got out and started stabbing people, apparently 7 people died, and 12-14 injured. The guy said he went their intentionally to kill people as he was "tired of life". give me a break! go kill yourself then, why kill other people who are NOT "tired of their lives".. thats it for now..

Bai Bai
PS just remmebered this.. my freind G (the girl whose name i forgot) and i were texting back and forth yesterday and she said she was at MOE, first thing that came to my mind was japanese moe (fetish for manga/viddeo games/etc), but ofcourse i knew that didnt apply ;) so i thought oh maybe its Ministry of Education lol.. so i sent her a msg saying why are you at the ministry of education? what are you doing there? she sent a msg saying MOE= Mall of the Emirates lol.. i was like lol im such a baka..


FeFe said...

ah I thought I commented on this post!! but I'm sure I read it before!

nice cards and the cake looks yummy..thats so sweet of them ;) but the cards in blue dont like blue but they look great

lol to the moe thing..

Take Care

Cami said...

Hi Ima! Ohhh thanks for taking the pic for me :) Is it here somewhere? I think I missed it! OMEDETTO! You've graduated now! :)
I'm now in London with Nico, we got here yesterday. A bit tired from the journey ... and you know what? It's so hot here! Grrr. Catch up with you soon! Take care!