Monday, 2 June 2008

zou no senaka, sazan, daremo shiranai

I was thinking i hadn't written a lot this past month, then i saw that i'd written 19 posts, thats not bad.. i thought it was more like 9.. so yeah.. anyways.. i don't have anything pressing to say but i don't want this blog to die.. im not a murderer.. i don't want to kill it so im updating..

Listen to this ぞう の せなか, or the elephant's back, its really sad even if you don't know what they're saying.. its based on a novel about this guy who finds out he only has a few months to live and he refuses treatment so he can enjoy his last few months saying goodbye to everyone he knew and stuff.. it might be based on a true story im not sure, i got the above story from translating Japanese websites and i don't really trust google's translating abilities.. so it might be a bit different..

Oh i watched this movie that i've known about for ages but never watched called, だれも しらない, "nobody knows", its really slow and not a lot of dialog, like most Japanese movies, but the story is based on true events. Its about this woman who has 4 kids but hides that fact from the landlord coz the neighbors don't really like kids or something, anyways, shes never send them to school or anything and she keeps disappearing until once shes goes and never comes back.. oh i don't want to tell you the story in case you want to watch it.. but its really sad to think its true..

I thought i was finishing uni on Thursday since my sis H kept insisting Thursday was the 8th and not Sunday, and i've been happy about it, today i looked at the calendar by chance and found out, she is in fact WRONG and i finish on Sunday.. argh 3 extra days! i'm never trust what she says again..

Our professor sent our group an email today, she said she looked at our project and it looks very good and she said her and another professors, plan to work on it over the summer to make us "published authors"! While im delighted that they liked our project, im not sure i want to be a published author if it means we will have to do more work on it in the summer.. if shes doing the work then fine, let her do it.. lol i just want to finish uni and be over and done with it.. we'll see how that goes..

I started exercising recently and now everyday my muscle kill me >_< i want to be fit but not kill myself in the process.. im still sticking to my 500 cals a day and im really surprised at myself, people are offering me all kinds of goodies and ive got the willpower to say no,, i didn't know i had it in me..

Fefechan, you know Sazan dont you? Southern all-stars? or in japanese Sazan ourusutaazu.. whenever i heard any of their songs im like this sounds like Keisuke Kuwata, you know the one that sings ProDai's OST.. anyways yesterday i somehow ended up on Sazan's wiki page and i saw his name as a memeber, im like, no wonder!

I'm pretty much done now except for the final presentation.. this last report we're supposed to be writing, im waiting on team members to send in their parts, mine is done already.. they were supposed to send everything yesterday but i still haven't seen anything from them, and i have asked.. oh well.. im giving them one more day..

peace out ^^


FeFe said...

hi there..I feel sometimes when I'm really busy I want to update more..well not always but most of the it the same with you? wondering only

I won't listen to the elephant's back since its sad maybe another time..

3 extra days of univ feels long ne..the same happened with me when they postponed my meeting from June 8 to 10..2 days but it feels long ne

I want to watch something but I will keep it for when univ ends..

Hope your graduation project get published..its an honor to you guys =) ureshii and i wish that tehre is no more extra work lol dont get mad

I'm surprised that you didnt know that the one who sing proposal's song is from sazan lol its funny the way they pronounce it..

good luck in you presentation and everything, including your diet but 500 is low should have more

Bash said...

loooool ..

I think I'd be happier if they told me I had more time.

Ima , I think you should go for the Publishing thing. It will be nice on you CV =P