Tuesday, 24 June 2008


Long overdue post, i know.. ive been EXTREMELY busy, can't emphasize that enough! Take today for example, got up before 8, went to dxb, back by 5, got dressed coz we had visitors coming over, they left at 10, now i need to start packing coz tomorrow im just as busy!

So whats been going on, for one, i got a job offer! and i accepted it and will be starting work on the 22 of July! at the same place i did my internship.. so yeah thats good, im glad they offered me a job..

Secondly, we're leaving on Thursday night to go to Malaysia and Thailand for holiday, we'll probably be back by the 18th of July.. I don't know if i'll get to update from there, ofcourse i'll have internet but i don't know if i'll have the time or energy so yeah..

A few days ago i got a message on my phone saying something like 'my mummy is going to work and my sisters are in XX city and im home along, please come visit me'. It was supposedly from my chicken-poxy adopted baby! since shes almost over the chicken pox, i decide to go babysit. It was just me and her playing for 2 straight hours! the best thing ever! kids under 2 years older are so much fun!

I still havnt watched Last Friends' final which has been out for a week now! I can't find it streaming anywhere (except crappy parts on youtube) .. and torrents just don't work for me.. i found a megaupload link and downloaded half but it took a whole day and the second half just doesnt seem to download.. veoh is blocked! and the veohtv thingy has ceased to work! and they've taken LF down from crunchyroll.. and im so pissed off.. i really want to see it :S i think im just going to watch th youtube ones.. god help me!

Anyways, hope everyone has a great summer.. (Cami, hope your enjoying London) and i'll see everyone when i get back..

PS thanks fefechan for all the tips ;)


FeFe said...

you have been really busy but its good that you updated although I know that ur extremely tried..

Good luck in you work =) hope you enjoy working there;)

I hope you spend wonderful time in Malaysia and Thailand =) both are great countries..enjoy every minute there..I hope you can have time to update while being there and if you don't I can understand that..

Take Care dear :-*

Cami said...

Ima! Malaysia and Thailand?? What about Singapore?! Let me know if you're coming here as well! We could meet up! :)