Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Pix from Sri Lanka

Yes you read that right, lol.. i said malaysia and thailand but somehow we ended up spending 10 days in sri lanka.. my dad said it looked nice and we could rent a villa with a lake or beach view and just relax before heading to malaysia.. we enjoyed it so much that we exteneded our stay and stayed 10 days and even my uncle and his family joined us there.. We just arrived in malaysia yesterday.. so anyways, here are pics from Sri Lanka, im sure going to miss it.. i really enjoyed it there.. hoping to go back next summer..

View from the tuk-tuk which we used everday, the best thing ever for zooming along the beach-side road, and they are really nice and clean.. and airy! lol
The train tracks next to the villa we stayed in..

We went on an elephant safari.. saw 5 elephants only! and the car journey took 8 hours in total!!

The "fort". I can't remember why this fort is important but its very famous and has houses and shops inside.. but lol the pic is not even of the fort, its just from the fort, just noticed that..
Our pontoon, and the view from the villa..

Part of the villa, its made up of two seperate buildings..

The swimming pool.. responsible for me being 5 shades darker and the awful sunburn i got!
The only thing good about leaving sri lanka is not having to worry about mosquito bites.. we got bitten often coz we never found mosquito repellent spray there.. we should've bought it in the UAE.
Anyways, i'll say more about it and post more pix when im back or maybe later..hope everyones doing

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