Saturday, 19 July 2008

One year anniversary and my birthday


The day before yesterday was my birthday =) i turned 22, so old ne! what can i do.. its no use dwelling over it.. and yesterday the 18th (actually earlier today, its half past midnight now) was my blog's 1 year anniversary.. i started the blog to keep track of what ive been up to, and it has worked.. although i don't record everything.. i can look back and see what happened since last July.. i think the 2 major things that happened in the past year were, me going to Japan for the first time and graduating from university. Other than that i guess its been an extremely busy year but not very interesting ne.. the 21 year old me got to visit 4 countries in that year.. lets see how many countries the 22 year old me can visit..? although other than Japan, theres not many countries i'd like to visit.. anyways, i'll continue with my blog for as long as i can (ganbarimasu!).. hopefully it will pass its 2nd anniversary.. To all of you who have ever read my blog, hontouni arigatou gozaimashita.. and throughout the next year of my life, yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

So what do i want for my next birthday.. i want to be able to speak and write japanese pretty well, to meet a japanese celebrity (lol in my dreams), to visit Japan again, to start my own business (im serious, dont laugh), to do my best at my job, to become a better person, to hold on to my friends, and to be happier..

So what have i been doing in the days since i came back.. well, ive been catching up on yamapi,koyama, and shige's nikkis, blogs i visit, and doramas.. went to give blood yesterday, visited with some people.. oh and got a birthday/graduation gift from bash (arigatou ^^ ).. Today my sisters and i went over to my cousins' house and 2 other cousins came over, we had fun fooling around and just chatting.. we didnt do anything special but it was fun.. totemo tanoshikatta!

I'd like to meet marie-san before i start work (on the 22nd), fefechan too but that might be hard.. maybe we can meet on sunday marie-san? i will text you (at a reasonable time) since i dont think you will appreciate a message at this time lol i'd love to see you and your little angels..

Bai Bai (i have to finish Code Blue ep 2 so i can catch some ZZZs)
PS i learnt a new word, watagashi, it means candyfloss =)

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