Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Home Sweet Home

Ohayou! Good morning!

We're back home! im glad to be back.. so happy that i got up at 5:30 today! when we got home last night i went to sleep straight away even though it was 10:30 here, but it would've been 2:30 or so in malaysia so i was tired!

I don't feel like blogging right now but i just wanted to say what i thought of my holiday.

Sri Lanka: i'd love to go back, great for relaxing and just wonderful sceneries (except we should've brought sunblock and mosquito spray with us but we forgot). Got bitten by mosquitos but it wasnt that bad, everything else made up for it.. i got so much darker from swimming everyday for so many hours and for spending a lot of time on that lounger under the coconut trees.. Saw lots of animals, elephants, monkeys (in our garden), an iguana (in our garden too), crabs, fish, cows, dogs, everything! I managed to avoid turtles although the cook kept insisting that we go to the turtle sanctuary.. we never did.. i rode bikes in the countryside, stopping by little shops to get a cool drink and meeting friendly people.. i'd give sri lanka an 8.5/10 :)

Malaysia: i don't think i'd like to go back.. since we had done all the nature stuff in sri lanka, all we wanted to do was shopping.. and thats exactely what we did.. we went shopping everyday, and went to theme parks twice (one shut down all the rides coz of rain, the other was way too hot to play on anything or even walk around).. i'd say malaysia didnt feel like anything special.. even shopping, they have almost the same shops we have here, or the differnt ones are tacky shops that we didnt want to shop from.. i dont think the shopping was worth it.. i enjoyed it but i wont go back, i'd rather go to another country.. the food was the best thing in malaysia.. and im not talking about malaysian food, what i mean is the variety of food they have in malls.. i mainly ate japanese food but i did try malaysian too.. malaysia would be a 5/10 on my scale. maybe if we'd done more than just shopping we would've liked it but we didn't..

We didnt go to thailand since my brothers and sisters were fed up and just wanted to come back home, its a shame, i would've liked to go but i was tired or travelling too..

Overall, ive learnt a lesson.. traveling with the whole family is damn hard! my time with my bro in japan doesn't seem so bad now.. we had fun times but we (me and Sh and H) ended up fighting a lot.. and unfortunately we were always put in the same room so that didn't help either..

Anyways, hopefully next time i get on a plane will be to go to Japan..

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M sensei said...


Welcome back to Abu Dhabi!!
I am sure you were happy to be home.

I would love to see the pictures that you have taken over there. I love to see pictures.
Insha ALlah I would love to show you our pictures from Japan too.

I am sure my kids missed you and so did I!
So, hope to see you sometime soon!!