Thursday, 8 May 2008

Whacky dreams & Tokyo Disneyland

My youngest sis came to sleep over in my room yesterday since her roommate (my other sis) decided she wanted to study in the middle of the night.. i couldn't be bothered to go look for a bedside lamp since mine is broken so i decided to use our Christmas-like lights (i don't know who bought them or where from but they somehow ended up in my room).. my sis said they bothered her and she couldn't sleep.. i cant imagine why =P LOL we had a good laugh.. the lights don't stop changing and flickering, they're not even still.. ofcourse i ended up not using them but it was amusing nonetheless..

The layout is going through a growing up period at the moment. I need my sister's help. I don't even have Photoshop to make a banner or anything coz i never use it.. Anyways, it might be a few days till it finished "growing up" and i end up with something presentable.

Our sensei is giving us an exam in verbs next class since none of us seem to know all the verbs he mentions XD not our fault, he never mentions the verbs i know, always verbs i wouldn't even think of studying.. oh well, i better study.. I'm looking at the list he gave us and theres verbs like, つく (be lighted), やくに たつ (be useful), たりる (be enough), おりかえる (transfer) among others, that i dont think i would use.. at least not at this point in time when im struggling to make simple sentences.. but anyways i'll be a good student and study them..

KinKi Kids' garasu no shounen is such a good song, no matter how much i listen to it i still like it..

Marie-san is going to Japan in two weeks. Urayamashii desu yo! nihon ni ikita~i! I will definitely try to go back by the winter..

Fefe-chan, remember in Tokyo Disneyland when we were on that space roller-coaster-in-the-dark thingy and the guy behind was like yada yada yada.. dont know why i just thought of it but the ride wasn't scary lol such an uncool guy ne... i love scary rides, i want to go to a theme park right now!

Aaah ano hi wa totemo samukatta desu yo ne.. mada oboete imasu.. how cold it was..

Is that really the sun? I can't remember seeing it that day, God it was cold!

and remember the pizza we had there in that galactic pizza place? how each piece was in an individual triangle box and it looked weird to us.. i remember it being very yummy, maybe coz i was so hungry.. I don't know why im thinking of Japan.. but its nice to remember those things.. that day was the only day i rode the train without my bro.. It was exciting lol although it was the same as usual.. hhh i tried to be a nice responsible sister and went and bought my bro dinner on my way back to the hotel.. the queue in front of McDonald's was long and it was cold but i stood patiently in line.. When i got to the hotel the room looked like a bomb hit it! my bro had gone and bought spare parts for his petrol-run toy car (heck, i don't know what they call them) and he had spread everything all over the floor..

I had weird dreams again yesterday but not nightmares thank god.. in one of my dreams i went into the kitchen to the feed the cat and suddenly i felt a hand on my back and jumped only to find its my mum and she said, i see you spending a lot of time in the kitchen these days.. lol.. it was like a horror movie.. or one of those suspense movies lol.. but what she meant was your eating too much.. lol then it finished..

another was about my internship, i went back to the company for some reason and this lady who supposedly was my supervisor there (not the actually one someone i made up) called me over and said, im glad you came because we were going to call the police so they'd make you come over, we've found records of you using the phone the whole time you were here, being on the phone the whole day.. lol .. i was shocked (in the dream) and told her that i didn't even have a phone on my desk and the only calls i made were from my mobile.. but she kept insisting and the made me look thought the record and the auditors(this time it was the real ones that i met there) came by and she was telling them about me and it was so embarrassing and i started crying.. then she felt bad and tried to stop me crying but she couldn't.. anyway, it ended up with her feeling bad.. she deserves it.. lol weird dream ne..

the third is hilarious, i was in this mall and there was a fast food having some sort of promotion, they had people dressed up as hot dogs and hamburgers walking around the mall, and they had buns in their hands or a burger without a bun or something and if the gave it to you then you could go back to their store and hand in the bun and get a whole hamburger in bun with fries and a drink.. LOOOOL i have no idea why i dreamt that but anyways, i was only given a lettuce by the man in the hamburger suit and when i went to hand it in the people there said that vegetables dont count and wouldn't give me a burger.. then i got mad coz people always say that vegetables are important.. lol.. maybe someone can interpret my dreams for me.. lol.. they're so whacky and weird i dont know what else to say..

I guess i wrote a lot whithout realizing, that should be it for now..
Ja bai bai


FeFe said...

long post demo omoshirokatta..

first of all..why would you have a christmas-like lights in your home?!!

garasu no shounen wa sugoi desu ne daisuki..

why did you mention Japan again isnt your profile pic enough..its just make me remember how i really miss those days and yes ano hi wa totemo samukatta desu!!..ikitai..

all your dreams are really weid hehe at first i thought only the first story was a dream..i was shoked about your supervisor thing lol so i read it again and realized that these stories are what you dreamt about..

Bai Bai

Ima-chan said...

The lights, my sis H said her teacher brought them for the science fair to put in their corner to attract the poeple lol.. nd she just left them with her then.. H was like, it looked like an indian wedding so i took them down..

hh you thought it was real? lol glad you saw it was a dream.. imagine that was real.. hh

thanks for commenting

Bash said...

You really have weird dreams .. They're unique just like you ^^

I love reading about dreams and listening to my friends dreams..

I love long posts ,, Keep it up =P

Bash said...

.. I think I over used " I love " =P

Ima-chan said...

i know my dream really are weird.. like me..

hh i "love" comments.. thanks