Sunday, 25 May 2008

Am i content? and facebook

Waaah.. somehow.. somehow.. i don't know how.. i sent an email meant for Cami to half my friends list.. lol.. so glad i didn't mention Pi in it.. thats the most important thing ^^
I sent an email to those people straight afterwards saying just ignore it, but human curiosity will get the best of them, im sure lol so i don't expect anyone NOT to read it lol.. if you got that stray email, don't feel guilty about reading it, i give you permission XD

Of course nothing new today, just uni work as usual.. i decided to get a facebook account just to see whose on there, practically all our family & long lost relatives XD hmm revealed some unexpected things about some people.. but im glad i did it, it was an eye opener..

Ryo's solos rock! every single one of them!

I watched Zettai Kareshi's latest ep.. i like the drama its nice and light, nothing like the seriousness in Last Friends..

I need new songs to listen to.. any recommendations? fefe-chan?

My dad asked me today what i want to do for my graduation.. i didnt know what to say.. i really don't want a party coz i know noone of my friends will come, at most 5 would.. the others can't, just like i wouldn't be able to go to theirs.. and a family party doesnt sound too exciting.. my dad is like we'll kill sheep and stuff lol im like, ok but send it to my uncle's house (since all the family hangs out there) and you guys enjoy.. hes like, you dont want? T_T i've never liked meat anways but thats not the point XD hes like, well would you like just our family to go to a fancy resturanut for dinner or something?! well, isnt that what we always do! theres nothing special about it! but i really dont know what i want.. hes like think about it and let me know.. im tired of thinking,, maybe i just dont want anything.. God, im so indecisive ne!

Even about presents, i thought about it, and there really is nothing i want! besides going to japan (which i dont want till winter lol).. i thought about it.. and i dont know, am i so contempt with my life and what i have?!! Theres nothing i want so badly, not even close.. oh well, why am i frustrated about that, lol, i should be happy that im so satisfied but somehow im not.. i WANT to WANT something! God help me lol

Going back to some oldies.. as they say, oldies but goldies.. Sawarenai is really good ne..

As i waited for sleep to dawn on me last night XD i thought of something, telling someone off! Fefe-chan! why didn't you warn me that theres a turtle in boku dake no madonna.. i was shocked when i saw it.. i wish you'd told me about it.. coz ive been dreaming of turtles since i saw that.. then i read somewhere about pi and shige going to eat turtle something and i almost threw up! Eeew! that put me off my dinner and i didn't finish eating..

God its so weird knowing all the words for hundreds of songs but having no idea what they mean.. yeah i know words here and there but most of the songs have words i dont know coz you'd never use..

I saw a cute yellow phone in akihabara when we were in Japan, i want it! yellow is so cool isnt it??

Time for me to go ogle at some unmentionable people.. no need to guess, im sure you know who..

Jya minna, oyasumi!


FeFe said...

lool this post is funny..i want i dont want..i like i dont like lol

you should think of something..i already told my bro what i want:P i will not mention it here ;)

I dont know what else to say..

thanks for letting me know about the post..TC and I wish you decide on something for your graduation thingy..LOVE U

FeFe said...
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Cami said...

Ima, you're in FB? Add me add me :))

Ima-chan said...

Cami, i added you ;) but i havnt done anything to my account yet, tonight i'll play around with it and stuff

Bash said...

loooooooooool ,,
How did that happen ?
Somehow huh =P

I think you should have a party or something even if it was only your family. It'll feel good.

I didn't have any because I kept telling them later later 'till it was too late for it loool

You have a face book account?
MeMo registered months ago. Most of my friends are there. I wanted to register but I never had the time. Maybe later.Let me know if you like it.

See you