Monday, 5 May 2008

Half my post go deleted, its Koichi-kun's fault ><

KONBANWA! *someones perky today*

I gave myself a time to finish doing all my uni work before i can come online so now that im done im feeling great! I'm not actually done with EVERYTHING! (Graduation project hanging over my head) but at least everything for tomorrow is out of the way..

The other day i added a site-traffic thingy to my blog, i was just curious, wanted to see how many people actually visit my blog everyday. It turned out to be way more than i thought.. Not many people know about my blog, i don't like to give it out to anyone.. talking of which, i mentioned to Reemy-chan something about my blog in class today and one of our classmates overheard and was like cool give me the link, i told her sorry but its too personal.. coz it really is.. if i knew other people were reading i wouldn't be able to write what i want to and what i feel, which is the whole point behind a blog.. anyways, turns out there people from the neighboring city, DXB, reading my blog. Now i know my sis is there and she reads it but i cant think of anyone else.. so i thought well maybe they came here by mistake but it was over 10 visits from different IP addresses, and then today, 8 of those checked my blog again... I'm rambling sorry.. anyways i was just surprised that there are people out there checking my blog sometimes a couple of times a day.. My conclusion, they were here by mistake, if not, if your someone who reads my blog regularly don't be shy to say hi, it would be interesting to know you LOL..

OK on to something else, Koichi Domoto from Kinki Kids has this song which i listened to yesterday, its quite good ^^ hes voice is to die for.. OK scratch that out XD

Oh and fefe-chan met my sis H at a science fair thingy today.. she doesn't know how lucky she is.. my sis i mean.. ;P

I'm addicted to fruit-flavoured malt drinks ^^ they're the best!

Still no sign of LF's 4th ep. to my dismay..

My bro got my 2 sisters heart-shaped plushy pillows filled with Hershey kisses, can it get any better? XD and i got an over-sized bag with ANGEL on the front, how sweet.. going to use it next time i go to the beach..

My bro thinks im angel XD how sweeet ;P

I was listening to SUMMER TIME again today for the umpteenth time and found myself singing along, then i realized, hey i know what im singing, i actually understand the words.. well not all of them but some..

Oh and i saw a clip of Gackt with Julie Andrews when she was promoting Princess Diaries II in Japan and he was her escort and at the end she was like, "how would you like to go mattress-surfing with me sometime?" (if you've seen the movie you'll know what that is).
No offense to her fans but whys she hitting on him, i wanted to whack her, shes old enough to be his mum ><


FeFe said...

what did u say it is a boring post..its really interesting..i like when u express ur thoughts..u always come with something new and interesting mashallah..the site-traffic thing lol I know there are people out there reading ur blog coz its really an intersting one..NOT by mistake..nic pillows..

LF metaaaai..and about summer time..the same happened to me..for the first time, i feel like i nuderstnad a lot and sing before looking at the lyrics..

FeFe said...

I listened to koichi kun's song..its nice..kare wa kakkoii..TC

Ima-chan said...

Glad you liked the song, un totemo kakkoii ne..

and glad you like my posts, ok i wont say like, but at least you dont HATE them.. LOL..

About Summer Time, maybe coz we've been listening to it nonstop lol or maybe the words are just easier..

atashi mo LF mitaaaaaaaaaaai
Thanks for commenting.