Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Compliments, Japan

Compliments, when you know they're real, really do make a difference. My mum told me something that my bro had told her about me which kept me on a HIGH the whole day ^_^ just because, i know for a fact thats its what he really thinks.. anyways..

I'm uploading some of my Japan pix on facebook so you can check them out if you want, but they're probably the same ones i uploaded here while i was in Japan anyways.. oh and btw, if any of you are on facebook please don't mention my blog there, coz i have so many people on there who i don't really want reading my blog..

Uploading japan pix has made me want to go to japan even more, i've been watching some of the vids i took too and now hontou ni nihon ni ikitaaaaaaaai!

What else.. i hearedfrom Reemy-chan that our professor liked our graduation project and she was like, maybe we can submit somewhere (conference or something).. im really flattered, so i guess our project is not as bad as i thought.. i told mum that, then she gave me a whole lecture *with me rolling my eyes* about how not to put yourself down all the time, you're a good student.. and all that lol.. thats when she told me what my bro said, doesn't have to do with being a student but she meant, you don't believe in yourself and see yourself differently than others do, see what your bro said..

anyways, im tired and i have uni tomorrow so oyasumi..

BASH: miss you -_- where are you?


FeFe said...

I hope your graduation project get submitted..that would really great =) ganbatte dear..and for sure you are a really really good student;)

btw: i will text you when i get home about ur graduation topic..just remind me if I forgot..i guess its another compliment;)

atashi mo nihon ni ikitaiiii

tc dear:)

Bash said...

Ima You really should believe in yourself. It's true what you said about complements. I remember one time I was really upset and about to cry at work because of something ( I don't remember what). Maybe an aggressive call on my first week at work. I remember going all the way to the printer with my head down and I was dragging myself lol ( you know where my old office was)

When I reached the reception , I saw Dr. R , P and H in the recaption. They kept telling me what a good job I did and were fighting because R said " move to my department". They were like "No Way, she's ours" loooooooool..

I returned with a smile on my face even though it was a simple thing.

loool ,, I talked so much.

Don't worry , we won't tell anyone about your blog ( I don't even have a facebook account yet =P)

PS: Sorry I couldn't comment earlier. So much happened in the past few days.

I missed you too.