Friday, 2 May 2008


Its amazing how fast one's mood can change ne.

Right now, im not feeling so good. Being criticized is not so easy to accept ne. Especially when it comes from people close to you.

I would like to say that it doesn't bother me what people think of me, or im not bothered by their criticism. The truth of the matter is, because they are important people to me, its hard to be so nonchalant about it. It definitely affects me, what others think, especially if they voice their thoughts in front of me. It definitely hurts.

I never try to hurt anyone on purpose, if i do (and im sure i do sometimes), it definitely is not on purpose. My motto in life is "do onto others what you want done onto yourself". I try to take people's feelings into consideration. I put myself in their shoes and wonder what it would be like to be hurt. I definitely get mad at people! no one doesn't! but when i do i try not to say something i will regret later on.

The kind of person i am, donna hito desu ka? Stubborn, but extremely sensitive. Thats part of the person i am. Do i hate being stubborn? Definitely not! I think everyone should stand up for what they believe in, thats why im stubborn. I do give in a lot, but its only if its for someone i love or if im unsure about something, other than that.. i think people should stand up for themselves.

Absolutely the most dreadful feeling ever is being ganged up on ne. If one person says something about you to your face its bearable coz you can brush it off or change the topic or something, but when its more than one and no one is standing up for you.. its an absolutely horrible feeling ne..

To be able to say "tsuyoku naritai" and "ganbarimasu" to myself through my tears is the only thing i can do in that kind of situation.

minna gomen ne if i ever hurt you and please kore kara mo yoroshiku ne



FeFe said...

am sorry to hear about u had gone through today demo your motto is my motto in life too..i totally agree about the stubborn part..being stubborn isnot necessarily bad..

please continue to be strong..sorry for the short comment..Oyasumi LoVE

Ima-chan said...

thanks sweetie ;)