Saturday, 3 May 2008

Kids are fun!

We went to the beach today. Swimming really makes you hungry ne. We stuffed our faces, we were eating non-stop. Thats not good.. oh well.. we were hungry.. Marie-san didn't come this time, zannen desu, it would've been nice..

I spent a lot of time with my little adopted baby, my mum friend A's daughter. 18 months old is the best age, definitely, i always love kids when they're at this age. They're just engaging and fun to play with. I had so much fun playing with her. She was wearing a swimsuit with a round hole down the back, by the end of the day when they were changing her clothes she looked so funny..This bit was sooo dark compared to the rest of her body. I also played with her sisters and bro, we had fun.. kids really are fun XD they awaken the child in you.. We all got really tanned. I was in the water from 10 to 4.. 6 hours, hot sun, cold refreshing water.. the best combination!

I made myself work on uni stuff after we got back home, i decided im disconnecting the wireless and only connecting once im done.. it really motivated me and i didn't get as distracted as always.. I've been online for less than 40 minutes but now im so tired from getting up at 7 and all.. i really feel like sleeping.. nemui~~~i

Ep 4 of last friends has been out since Thursday, waiting for the subbed version.. i have no patience.. Also looking forward to Shige's Wagahai..

Was reading Ikuta Toma's nikki and he mentioned EREKASHI so i decided to check the band out.. I liked this song, except for some reason this guy keeps itching and messing up his hair and whetevr in all their PVs, i have no idea why.. can't be bothered to look around and see..maybe another time..

I'm really tired.. going to sleep now.. its still early but what the heck!
Good night, sleep tight, don't let the beddy bugs bite ;)


FeFe said...

I'm really glad that you enjoyed ur time at the beach today..last week u didnt get the chance to go there ne..zannen deshita..demo kyou yokatta desu ne..umi ni ikimashita..

i really liked that motivation step that you took worked well ha..

i cannot wait for ep 4, too.. Last Friends wo mitai..if u know that the subben ep is out text me imediately onegai..i will do the same too..

its weird..i just the song pv and how this guy keeps itching and messing up his hair lol nande..sonna koto wakarimasen

Oyasumi sweeite..TC

Ima-chan said...

Thanks sweetie.. i had a great time but if you'd gone it would've been even better..

the motivation thingy would only work with the internet, anything else wouldnt work im sure..

i check several time a day to see if the ep is up yet (yeah i know im obsessed) so i will let you know as soon as i see it up there..

The PV is werid yeah.. even all their other PV hes the same, itching and messing up his hair... lol..

thanks for

FeFe said...

thanks dear..i hope i can join one love