Friday, 23 May 2008

The most boring post evaaa

As usual, i spent my day working on my capstone project.. I don't know what happened to me last night but at around 7 PM or so i suddenly felt so energetic and wanted to work till i finish everything (which is impossible since i have so much to do).. but i worked from then till 1 AM.. and i still wanted to go on but i thought i better sleep so i can get up tomorrow and get everything done.. Then i got up early today but didn't start studying till 10:30 or so.. and then i worked nonstop till 5:30 i think.. i didn't take any breaks except 15 minutes for lunch.. and i got so many things done.. YOKATTA~!! Then i realized the day was almost over and i hadn't stepped outside my room except once so i thought i'd take a break,, i watched the last 1.5 eps of boku dake no madonna which was really sweet.. (the ending before kyoichi said i lied was cute too ne fefechan, when they were in front of that house he built lol).. then i went back to working again.. but somehow i couldn't concentrate, i still can't but its not bothering me coz i really did finish HEAPS of stuff today.. so yeah..thats my day so so boring..

I need to read yamapi's nikki.. its only up to the 20th, and i miss knowing what hes up to..

EDIT: i wrote 3 paragraphs here but somehow something happened so anyways.. yeah not important.. about whether to have a graduation party or not.. and about not liking chocolate.. and about being into sour lollipops.. lol.. as i said.. not important..

My dad's been talking about traveling and stuff.. and they all want to go.. i want to go too but i want to work at the place i did my internship at, and Bash says that if i wait till the end of the summer they'll of probably hire someone else.. so i told my dad i think im gonna stay with my older bro here and you go.. but then hes like no we wont go then we'll all stay >_<>
no pix for a while, till im done with my project..

BTW how do you pronounce schedule?? I pronounce it shedule, the british way not skedule the American way, and i get funny looks from people, they probably think im saying it wrong lol.. anyways..

bai bia


FeFe said...

you've talked about several things here lol..these days must be hard for everyone graduating this semester..I wish all the best dear in your and your group;)

Ps: if you liked the place you did your internship in then i hope you get hired there..I know its frusting thinking about work or summar vacation..

as for the graduation party..I think you should have a party or a sort of gathering at univ and another one with your family, too

our college, the girls already thought about it but still didnt decide where at univ or outside..

it would be nice to hold some sort of gathering..

when i read " how you pronounce schedule" i knew you would say that you follow the British I pronounce it with the Amreincan accent .. you know what..sometimes i like the British accent and sometimes tha American..I'm used to both...thanks to Manchester..Welsh and Scottish accents as well lol

ok long comment..just want to say i liked the part where Kyioichi-kun or Kyon lied at the end it was really cute lol and i hope remember the Natsu Matsuri when we have the Japanese class..


FeFe said...

OH howcome I forgot about Pi!!!! I miss reading his nikki too :( Kare ga dai suki da yo..

Ima-chan said...

you ALWAYS forget about pi.. doushite? maybe you should hand him over already ;P

so your college already planned something? thats nice.. us, we've all been so into work i think noone will remember till its the last day.. im definitely having a party with my family but im not sure should i have one with just us eight or should i have a big one with all my family (probably more than 200) we've got such a large family.. and those 200 are not some distant cousin or anything.. thats without including those distant relatives.. the 200 includes the closest family only.. lol.. dont know.. anyways.. i'll see about that..


Bash said...

loool ,, about the energetic thing this happens to me too =P

but it's only on weekends when I can wake up so early and fresh.

About working
umm ,, I think you should pray iste5ara and see. Inshalla what's best will happen =]

He he I pronounce it the American way. I had no idea this was the British lol