Friday, 16 May 2008

Yesterday i bought a melon and cut it in half

Just remembered that Bash probably doesn't even know what ryo looks like coz ive never posted his pic unlike yamapi.. so heres one for you.. (just an excuse to post his pic XD)
If your wondering what kind of title that is lol i dont have a justification for it.. that comes later on..

I feel like im going to break! i can't take it! My capstone project combined with this business simulation game plus the case study analysis we have to do are really too much.. I haven't been out of the house since like 2 weeks ago when we went to the beach, except for going to classes -uni and Japanese. Thats why yesterday i watched a whole drama-all 10 episodes, i was working in the day so i stayed up till the morning just to watch it..

Today i sat in the same place from around 2 to 9.. i only took four 5-minute breaks and thats it.. i finished a lot of things thank god.. but i still have more to do.. I felt like going out tomorrow coz i havn't been out in such a long time.. but if i go out i know i'll come back and wont want to do any work... dont know what to do.. dou shiyou?

My mum bought a trampoline.. a small one for exercising.. but ever since i was a kid i've dreamt of having a trampoline, so as soon as she got it i was the first on it.. we put in the living room and me and my younger bro S and my youngest sis Sh started running and jumping on it and landing (Crashing actually) on the sofa..we almost broke a couple of things but its so much fun..

I watched Ganbatte Ikimasshoi yesterday as i said, i only watched it coz ryo nishikido stars in it.. it didnt look too good but i really enjoyed it and even cried in some episodes lol marie-san, what how is ikimasshoi different than ikimashou? i wonder..

ive been listening to ryo's Ai Igai no Nande mo Nai and tegomass's miso soup all the time lately, they're not new but they're really good..

In our Japanese class, our sensei was like, say "he likes to eat chinese food" instead someone said "he likes to eat Chinese people" LOL it was funny.. i feel bad about laughing but im not laughing at the girl, im laughing at the statement lol..

Our sensei was teaching us how to put sentences together and his choice of sentence was
kinou suika wo katte, hanbun ni kitte, mariam-san ni hanbun wo agete, fatima-san ni hanbun wo agemashita.
which means "yesterday i bought a watermelon, i cut it in half, i gave half to mariam-san, and i gave half to fatima-san"
what a weird sentence to learn.. i hate watermelons.. but in another class we had to say what fruit we liked from a picture with fruit on it, guess what i said i like.. yeah, watermelon..

I feel that something major happened and im forgetting to write about it.. did something happen.. i dont remember..

Have you seen how many people have been killed by the earthquake in china? how many died in Myanmar? Now i know why i stopped reading the newspaper, its too depressing..

I want to watch NEWS' Never Ending Wonderful Story DVD again.. once again arigatou fefechan for it ;) i love it.. ofcourse that goes without saying.. but before when i wacthed i concentrated on yamapi only, now im going to be concentrating on someone else.. guess who? LOL as if anyone wouldn't know..

My dad cooked us dinner today =) it was yummy and a nice change, my dad really is a good cook..

I miss my adopted baby.. havnt seen her in ages, 2 whole weeks.. i really feel like crying when i think about her LOL i just love her too much..

My fingers are killing me from typing all day long, so thats it for now.
TC everyone


FeFe said...

its good to know what you have been have so much work dear demo daijoubu desu yo.. this semester is close to end so lets do the best we can..

I wonder about the ikimasshoi thing..I always thought its ikimashou?!!

Ai Igai no Nande mo Nai and Miso soup is great songs ..I liked both

You should go out tomorrow..but I think as you do " if I go out then i wont work when i get home" i only went out twice to buy smth specific not for entertainment in the past three weeks i guess..i wonder if i will go out tomorrow or not..i want to go to the sea although its hot

its good that ur mum bought you a you can exercise..NO EXCUSE for not exercising now lol

the news is depressing these days (I think its not something new)..i was watching the news today then I switched off the TV..

i dont really know exactly how many times i watched NewS' Never Ending Wonderful Story..its really interesting I wish they release a new DVD

wow your dad cooked today..its good for a change..i never tasted my dad's cooking but my bros and mum said hes a good cook i dont know..

nice title i liked it coz i know what its about lol

TC dear:)

Ima-chan said...

Hey dear

my mind is elsewhere at the moment, dont know what to say..

i definitely have to watch the dvd again..

somehow i think all dad are good at cooking.. or maybe its just arab dads lol coz they go to the desert and stuff (used to) so they learnt how to cook.. my own theory lol..

ur the only one who will get the title ofcourse, so it was for you..

thanks for commenting. TC

Bash said...

So is ryo you new Yamapi ? =P
He's cute ..

Aww ,, I'm glad she bought a trampoline . I remember when you gave me a ride and you saw one in our back yard. I was surprised that you really wanted one that much.

Cool ,, my dad haven't cooked for a while now . His food is so Yummy . I remember once we all cooked together (My Dad , Mum , Memo & I). The result was so good ..

Good Luck in your project
Only one month and you'll graduate

Work hard and use every minute =]

Ima-chan said...

Yep hes my new yamapi ;)

I have to come to your house and play on yours, the one we have is actually an excercise one so its really small..

i love it when dads cook.. its just.. nice.. lol

Thanks dear, i will do my best, ganbrimasu!!