Saturday, 10 May 2008

Thank you for being YOU

Thank you! Have a cupcake! (no i didn't make them, its from deviantart.. but i'll make some cute ones when ive got time and post a pic ;) )

Mother's day is tomorrow. I don't believe in Mother's day. I don't believe in thanking your mother on a specified date once a year. So the reason im writing this today is not coz its Mother's Dy tomorrow, its because I've been watching mother's day videos and just feel like writing about my mum. I try to thank my mum as often as i can, but i know i fall way short of doing her justice. and although there are days when i wish i could take a trip down to the "Mummy Market", i do love her and appreciate all that shes done for me over the years (The mummy market is an old movie we watched as kids and fell madly in love with, follow the link and read the plot if your interested).


  • For staying up all night when im sick just to hold my hair back when im throwing up.
  • For trying to please everyone and make each person's favourite meal once in a while.
  • For supporting me in my endeavors, throughout university, studying Japanese..etc
  • For raising us to be well-behaved kids (i'd like to think so) even though we never wanted to be but now seeing other people, we're thankful.
  • For sacrificing your time to take us out and do things (bowling, ice-skating,...etc)
  • For thinking about us first and buying us the best things while forgetting about yourself.
  • For encouraging me to read books from such a young age, it was the best thing that happened to me.
  • For getting me a subscription to NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC even though they don't send the magazines to our country, and you had to go through so much trouble making them send it to England and then here.
  • For not nagging too much.
  • For accepting me the way i am, although i know i can be a handful sometimes.
  • For protecting us from the cruel world, and caring who we're friends with, and not letting us just be friends with anyone.
  • For remembering to buy me my favourite Sweet Chilli flavoured crisps while you at the store even though you have a hundred things on your mind.
  • For trying -and failing- to make everyone in this house to read the newspaper and be as knowledgeable as they can.
  • For teaching me how to spell correctly at a young age, although it failed with my brothers & sisters. LOL, not to mentiondmy dad..
  • For listening to me when i talk about things you have no interest in, and trying to be as interested as possible *ahem* JAPAN *ahem*
  • For caring about our waistlines LOL and making us switch to low-fat version of everything, milk, yogurt, desserts,..etc
  • For not being like any other mother in the world.. for being YOU!
Thank you dad ..
For trying not to say anything to upset me coz you know i cry so easily.
For not saying anything when i had an accident in your car.
For caring about my education, and my career.
For giving me the best gift ever-going to japan.
For trying to be interested in all the japan-related stuff i keep blabbering about.
For standing up for me when you see that everyone is against me.
For being a unique father like no other.. for being YOU!

Thank you F (my older bro)..
For being such a sweet bro (except when we were in Japan), for always buying me gifts XD, for trying to be understanding, and for simply being my older bro!
Thank you A (my younger sis)..
For being such a quiet sis (it was so easy to share a room with you ;D), for listening to me during my high school years when i wouldn't stop talking, for introducing me to many great series, for respecting me more than the others do (at least i think you do XD), for not upsetting me too much, and for being cute & giggly!

Thank you H (my other younger sis)..
For trying to get along with me even though we are total opposites, for being funny and talking non-stop (i take that back, please stop! XD), for trying to be helpful even though it doesn't always work out..

Thank you S (my younger bro)..
For TRYING to be funny, amusing me when your not even trying since your such a goof, for agreeing to go and study in Japan just so i can go LOL although it will never happen, for being somewhat quiet and not hanging around too much and letting us girls dominate the household!

Thank you Sh (my youngest sis)..
For being so easy to talk to, for playing around when i feel like having a pillow fight, or helping out out when i decide i want to make cupcakes.. for listening to MOST of what i tell you, and sticking with me when we're out shopping and everyones doing their own thing, and most of all.. for feeling like you can talk to me about anything-most of the time-.. and being less of a brat than some of the other girls your age!

Thank you Bash..
For sticking around for so long, for being a total opposite from me so i can make fun of you, for hanging out even when there nothing to do or say, for going ice-skating with me many weekends when you didn't want to, and simply for being my friend!

Thank you Fefe-chan..
For being there for me when im down, for seeming to understand everything i go through, for loving NEWS and especially YAMAPI as much as i do, for ignoring my imperfections, and for being such a great friend!

Thank you Reemy-chan..
For always being so easy to talk to, i feel i can tell you almost anything, for being funny and telling me so many hilarious stories, for becoming a closer friend that you were before!

Thank you Marie-san..
For opening my eyes to everything Japanese, for having cute kids that i can play with, for being an EXTREMELY nice person, for listening to my ramblings about Japan patiently -i know how annoying that can be-, for keeping secrets ;P and for being my friend..

Thank you A's Kids..
For pretending to be our little brother and sisters and coming over/going out with us so often.. i love you guys more than you can imagine.. and playing with you is the best! To their mum, thank you for having them, and for being more my friend than mums LOL and for simply being easy to talk to and being fun to be around..
Thank you Auntie Y & her kids, i love you so much i could write a book about you.. so i wont say anything..

Did i forget anyone..? im tired of typing..
I just want to say, i felt that i needed to thank everyone for being in my life, although theres ups and downs and no one is perfect, i tried to write about the positive things and ignore the bad things for now.. just because i wrote all nice things doesn't mean everyone is super nice to me and i have no complaints but writing about the bad things won't solve anything, will it?!

Ja minna, arigatou~, for being part of my life.. and please continue to take care of me.. yoroshiku ne!

PS some people were harder to write about than other, yo people you need to work harder so next time it can be easier for me to think of good things to thank you for you XD


FeFe said...

An interesting post..why did you say its not?!! I enjoyed reading every single word but I shed some tears lol sensetive ha;)

well I would thank you for being a friend that I can really one is perfect but seeming to understand each other and being there always is what Iam really grateful for.. its hard for me to express my feelings to anyone but when it comes to you, i can do it easily..I hope u do believe what I say..

Request: Let's be together forever no matter what..I will try my best to fulfill it and you too please..

Dai suki da yo..TC :-*

Ima-chan said...

hehe your just as sensitive as me ;P

I'm glad you trust me and feel you can express your feelings =) and i really hope you continue to do so.. i might disappoint you sometimes or not live up to your expectations of me but i hope you will continue to be my friend and let me know when im not being such a good freind so ican fix it..
i hope we do stay friends for a verrrrrrrrry long time :P

atashimo zutto daisuki da yo!

Bash said...

6 years , It feels like forever ..
I remember going to the ice-rank every week and to the park sometimes .. It was FUN FUN FUN

I also remember how it was fun when you & Washy used to come over .. We would watch a movie & eat popcorn together .. It was really nice ..

I feel so comfortable with you guys that I can just show up to your house uninvited and stay their for hours !!

I wish their were more things in common between us !! Because I notice we're not alike at all !! Maybe that's why you don't like me any more =P We live in two different worlds now ..

You with your uni life + JAPANESE obsession ..

Me with work and no time to do anything any more ..

I'm glad we're still friends after all these years and I hope we stay like that forever ,,

Thank you for the wonderful post

PS: I bet I was one of the hard ppl to write about =P

Ima-chan said...

Hey Bash..
wow yeah its been 6 years, ive known you since 11th grade, we didnt have very good first impressions of each other did we lol, i'll leave that for another post..

going to the ice-rink was really fun, now we go to the beach,,we've grown up lol..

im glad you feel comfortable enough to drop by.. your always welcome here you know..

LOL i still like you but now im realizing the differences more.. and work is taking over your time.. if i work there maybe we'll be closer ;P i wish..

LOL you were one of the hard people to write about coz i kept thinking how different we are and didnt know what we have in common that i could write about.. not a bad thing though..

thanks for commenting and i hope we stay friends for a verrry long time..

see you soon

M san said...

It was great post, Imachan!!

It almost made me cry when I read the part where you wrote about your mom; those were great words! You should write all these words as a letter and give it to your mom!! I am sure she is gonna cry!
Well, anyway thank you for doing this post coz now I feel like I want to appreciate my mom, dad and my brother too for being who they are!! (oooops I should probably appreciate for my husband too huh? ha)

Anyway, I hope I wasnt the one that you had a hard time writing about... ;)
Thank YOU for being my friend too! Well, I am not too nice all the time, but that was sweet what you wrote about me!! Arigatou!!

Please please keep your interest in Japan. I am really happy to know that there are UAE people who are interested in my country!!

Also, I just wanted to mention that Masha Allah your Japanese is getting better than ever!!
I start checking your blog often now and I just was amazed how great your Japanese was!

Well, I should go now!

Minna, oyasumi nasai!!!

Ima-chan said...

Konnichiwa m-san! genki?

Why is everyone so sensitive lately? ;P I would be too embarrassed to write that to my mum ;)

I’m glad the post made you think of appreciating your family more..LOL yeah you have to appreciate your husband too..

No way it was you that I had trouble writing about! Your so nice to me, nothing bad to mention elhamdillah..

I will always stay interested in Japan and hopefully I will visit it many more times :) and hopefully will meet your family one day yeah?!..

Take Care

Ima-chan said...

Oh and my japanese is really not good.. i wish i could improve but i dont have the time to study.. but thanks for saying that anyways ;)

Reemy-chan said...

How sweet that’s Ima :’) .. am going to cry now ! .. thank you .. you are one of my best best friends .. thank you for being beside me .. thank you for supporting and encouraging me .. really thanx Ima .. *cried*

I hope we stay friendz forever and be closer than now,, =D..

Ima-chan said...

Hey Reemy-chan.. dont cry lol..
hope we stay friends for a long time and get even closer.. i cherish your friendship =)