Sunday, 18 May 2008

Visiting Yamapi and restless nights

My mum made a lemon cheesecake today, its the first time she makes it, she didn't think we'd like it but it was soooo yummy.. im bored of strawberry cheescake which is all the make.. lemon is yummy..

Last night was terrible! I usually have the odd night where i can't sleep but most of the time i sleep ok and don't get up till the morning once ive slept.. However, yesterday was a totally different story.. i went to bed at 12.. tucked in my bed all comfy in a freezing room just as i like it..
  • 1 hour passed: couldnt shut my eyes..
  • 30 mins passed: trying all the possible ways a person can sleep, on my right hand side, left hand side, on my back, on my stomach.. everything! nothing worked.
  • fast forward an hour: im kicking off my duvet, getting too cold then covering myself again.
  • fast forward another hour: i get out of bed, walk around the room, open my curtain, stare outside, get back into bed..fall asleep for 15 minutes (checked my mobile)..
  • fast forward yet another hour: still wide awake with knotted eyebrows.. i was getting more annoyed by the second!
  • fast forward (yes you guessed it) another hour: yawning nonstop, falling asleep for exactly 9 minutes (i checked my mobile), waking up and can't go to sleep again..
  • fast forward one more hour: its 6:30 and my alarm goes off telling me its time to get the **** up and go to uni! I almost cried when i realized it was time to get up and i hadn't even slept for more than 30 mins..
It was really a terrible night, it would've been OK if i didn't have uni and could've gone online or something but coz i had uni i kept forcing myself to sleep but to no avail.. I took a 1 hour nap at lunchtime since i was exhausted but it didn't do much.. im still so tired.. hope i can sleep today..

Ah im so boring, but this is whats on my mind at the moment..

Fefe-chan mentioned this in her blog and now i feel like talking about it LOL.. Yamapi's jweb (translations) really make my day! With my classes at 8 i don't get a chance to read them till 10:30 or so but when i was doing my internship, as soon as i sat at my desk i would go read his jweb. Having something to look forward to everyday is really nice.. Obviously he knows that people read his jweb but does he realize just how many people do? coz you can only get his jweb if you live in Japan, so he proably doesnt know that his jweb is translated into so many languages and posted everyday all over the internet.. not just him but the others with jwebs too..

In the few minutes that i slept yesterday i had a really bad dream about work.. so im not going to mention it as they say it will come true.. it was really weird.. and in those few minutes i dreamt about yamapi, i dont know how coz it wasn't enough time but all i know is i woke up noticed i'd slept for 9 minutes lol and remembered what i dreamt about.. the dream was that i went looking for Pi when i was in Japan and since i know the name of his high school that he was in i went to that neighborhood till i found an old shopkeeper who said she knows where he lives and was so touched by my story lol about me coming all the way to Japan just to meet him so she took me to his house but he wasnt home, his mum let me and the woman in and i sat and talked to her for hours lol and then Pi finally came and then i was handing him a present when i woke up.. LOL what a dream.. my dreams have really become more vivid these days..

Ofcourse today was spend working on Capstone and my stupid Strat. Mgt. class. We've just collected questionnaires that we'd given out and lol some of the answers were funny.. We had a question where we asked if they (the ones answering) used any ratios when looking at a company's financial statements before investing in it, and what those ratio are. They should've written yes, efficiency ratios or profitability ratios, or they could've been more specific and said Profit Margin Ratio for example but we got answers like 10% and 5%. LOL we were like WTH is that! They just want to appear as if they know what they're talking about but end up looking like fools.. we kinda ignored those answers lol but we got a good laugh out of them hhh

Its SEAMO again, but i really like this song >< I know you guys don't care what i like but i put them to look back on them someday and listen to them again..

Did i mention that last Wednesday instead of driving to the Japanese class i drove to uni -_- suddenly i found myself at the traffic light by the uni and i was like, how the heck did i get here! im so used to driving straight there that i forgot..

A few days ago i was saying something and my bro thought i was saying i want to go to Japan this summer and he was like, i dont mind going if someone else is going, if my cousin is there or his friend whose married to a Japanese woman so he goes there regularly.. so i guess it wasn't that bad of an experience for him then, was it?

Jya oyasumi!


FeFe said...

you must have been soo tired ne kawaiso..but when you texted me saying that you slept, I knew you were really exhausted..I hope you have a better night sleep tonight dear.. you night must have been terrible...I hate it when the alarms goes off and you know that its time to get up and you've got no other choice..

Finally, Pi is getting his place back in ima's blog..ureshii =)demo I'm jealous..why did you dream about him?!!! at least you saw him in your dream ;) thats why its vivid

lool his highschool name

the answers you've got are funny..its always like that when you distribute a survey..

you know..when you told me on Wednesday about going to univ instead of the Japanese class, I was like shes gonna mention that in her blog lol

nihon ne ikitaii..I really want to go there so badly..Oyasumi and sweet dreams..sleept tight..

Bash said...

looool .. You drove all the way to Uni ?!
Poor you ,,

This happened to me once but I realized it sooner and just took a turn to the right place =P

The cake looks Yummy

Aww ,, Sorry about the "not getting enough sleep" part . I think this happens to all of us. It happens to me once in a while. I think it is because you're stressed out about your project.

What a dream lol
You know a question came to my mind when I was driving to work lol . If ima can meet only one Japanese Celebrity , who would it pi ( Ops,, I mean be lol )

I think it will be between Yamapi , Ryo & Ghakt (I'm not sure I got the names right , don't kill me =P)

So I opened your blog and saw my answer in your dream looooooooooool

Take Care

Ima-chan said...

hhh you guess it, pi ofcourse.. although it would be interesting to meet Gackt.. Ryo might not want to meet me for *undisclosed reasons*..

LOL what a weird thing to think about while your driving.. im on your mind huh lol dont deny it! lol

come have some cake soon i miss you ;)