Monday, 19 May 2008

Yamapi's mother, mine & a complement

I'm at my wits end right now, i really am. I'm just inundated with the amount of work i have to do, and with having to deal with people expecting so much of me..

I received a pretty nice complement today from my classmate whose in the same group with me for this business game we're playing. I don't know what i was saying to Reemy-chan who was about to give up on it but i guess it struck a chord with her, she was like, i wish we had one of you in our house, every house needs someone like you. LOL i was genuinely surprised coz i had no idea why she said it, but she explained that everyone around her is pessimistic and i was optimistic and trying to make Reemy-chan look on the bright side. While i don't claim to be an optimist, hell no, im really more of a pessimist but it was really nice to hear and maybe one of the best complement i've ever received.. Ureshii!

I came out of my room and found a new bigger trampoline beside the other smaller one! LOL i was like, why do we need two?! turns out my dad wants the smaller one for one of his inventions (did i mention hes an inventors XD honestly!) so he went out and bought my mum another one.. YAY we've got a bigger one.. ofcourse i had to play on it for a bit..

As i read about Yamapi's relationship with his mum (i cant post the link sorry), i found myself agreeing with everything he said. It is the exact same relationship i have (and had) with my mum! and im not trying to be like him or anything, it just honestly seems like he is talking about me and my mum.. his rebellious period where he thought his mum was annoying and didn't have a good relationship with her, i had the same thing back in middle school. When he says that he realized it himself, how unreasonable he was being, that happened too.. then came a phase of awkwardness where you want to be a better kid but its hard to suddenly change, i had that too.. maybe its just normal, do you guys have the same relationship with your mums?
"My memories are vague about whether that was my first or second year of high school, but it's true that I gave her a present. I think she was really happy, probably. My mom is like me in that she is really stubborn, so she wouldn't have made a big deal out of things like that. After that, things have been very natural." Pi
I had that with my mum too. She is just as stubborn as me and wouldn't make a big deal out of something nice i'd done just so it wouldn't be awkward. I remember me and my sis A decided to get mum a present and it was really embarrassing, giving it to her, but i made myself do it so we could have a better relationship.
"My mom and I have really similar personalities. If someone else points that out, both of us will deny it." Pi
Thats exactly like me and mum. I think i mentioned an incident a few months ago when we were at the mall and we were on the escalator, my mum one step up, then her friend A, then me.. and her friend pointed out a shop, and me and my mum made the same remark without hearing each other and A was laughing at how alike we are, even if we hate to admit it..

I think Pi has a very similar relationship with his mum to what me and my mum have. and its really comforting because most of my friends have totally different relationships with their mothers.. ive often felt like its all my fault, that i am too stubborn that im ruining our relationship.. but now i realize its ok, we don't have to be best friends, thats not what mums are for, or total enemies either.. secretly, i kinda like being like my mum, but i would never admit that to

Pi mentioned that his mum had him at a young age, 21, that probably the biggest difference between us. My mum had me (although im the eldest daughter) at quite a late age.. its really not a big deal, its just her culture is like that, but coz of our culture, we usually think why did mum have us so late.. we asked her once and she said, she was too busy enjoying her life lol and she didn't need kids to cramp her style lol.. i don't blame her, i would live my life to the fullest if i could before settling down.. shes lucky she could..

Fefe-chan, much to your displeasure, Pi is starting to regain his status in my heart LOL im starting to like him like i used to.. reading about his life and thoughts is really fun and inspiring ne? i read a couple of the articles but i don't want to finish them all lol so im keeping some to read later on..

Ah i realized something about my dream about Pi the other day.. i'm going to hunt down his high school name and go and look for him for real next time im in Japan ;P hope you can join me in my stalking-related activities fefe-chan XD

Last night was just as bad as the night before it.. i barely slept for an hour and a half or so.. it was so frustrating.. what is wrong wiht me?? although im nackered i decided not to take a nap earlier incase thats why i havnt been able to sleep.. please wish me a ZZZ-filled night..

Jya ne


Bash said...

Another Yamapi Entry =P?,,
When I saw his name in the title I thought it was the same old post.

Yeah I remember the escalator incident loool .I also remember you telling me you don't want to grow up to be your mum . Did that change ?

Hope you can sleep well tonight

FeFe said...

interesting post..feeling that mums are annoying, especially during middle school is something common ne, but personally I think that the most annoying is when someone fails to understand you..

interesting post..not because of pi ( well hes part of it), but I liked the comparison you made..

yosh I will join the stalking thing..we need to cooperate ne since both of us need each other's ability in Japanese..

Hope you sleep tight tofay..Is being stressed the cause of your sleepless nights? I wonder

Ima-chan said...

Bash: lol yeah thats what i say but i actually admire her in many ways.. thanks for commenting..

Fefechan: we need to cooperate.. i have his hometown address.. you need to go with me.. you search half of it and me half till we find his house.. lol.. i dont think you need my japanese lol..

i wonder why.. maybe its coz of stress..who knows.. thanks for commenting