Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Matsujun, tarantulas, and languages

I finally watched the HEY HEY HEY episode with NewS. It was entertaining-to say the least. But i don't like to hear the members talking about how they're not close outside of work coz in my imagination they hang out together all the time, don't want them ruining my make-believe world. One of the hosts smacked Ryo on the back of the head >< argh! poor Ryo.. (who by the way is looking better than ever, and pi not looking so good XD)

I also watched Last Friends ep 4 which was really good.. Ryo looks cool even when hes crying.. can't wait till next week. Its a vicious cycle ne..waiting and waiting only to start waiting again lol

Yesterday night i kept having nightmares, really scary ones and couldn't sleep much so i decided to have a nap in the afternoon, i dreamt about matsumoto jun.. i guess he was in my subconscious coz i saw a pic of him by chance yesterday.. it was a good dream.. can't remember it but i know matsujun was my hero lol.. yokatte ne.. hope i get to sleep tonight..

languages are weird.. lost my train of thought, i had something interesting to say but its gone.. let me think of something else.. I was telling someone once about how in Japanese socks are called kutsushita which actually is broken down into, Kutsu=shoe, shita=under, so its like under-shoes which is not how Japanese people think of it but thats what is literally is.. and i was saying how weird that is.. then i thought, well "underwear" is almost the same, under and wear (or clothes).. i thought of something else but i forgot it.. so Japanese doesn't seem so weird, its just that we're used to English so we don't notice things like that but maybe someone whose studying it would..
Actually, i think English is the weirdest and hardest(grammar wise) to learn, its got so many irregularities and things that don't make sense when you think about them.. so if you already speak English, consider yourself lucky! im so glad i never had to learn it coz surely i would've sucked at it..

In our Strategic Management class, in the business simulation game i wrote about, out of 5,136 teams from around the world (including students from very prestigious universities), me & Reemy-chan (plus 2 other girls with us), our team, ranked 95 out of all of those teams for the first round.. our professor was impressed.. we have 6 more rounds to go so hopefully we will be from the top 20 by the end of the game, i really hope so, that would be cool..

I want a tarantula! that would be cool.. my mum's like, you want tarantula but your afraid of turtles/tortoises?! I haven't been traumatized by a tarantula like what happened to me with turtles before so no, im not afraid of them, i want one.. tarantula ga hoshii desu yo! I actually don't like animals in general.. oh shoot, i wish i hadn't mentioned the T word, now im guaranteed to have a nightmare.. i guess i better distract myself by doing something else, listening to news for example (looking for an excuse XD)

(i actually wrote a much longer post but ive saved that in drafts for now, i dont know if im ready to talk about it yet..)


FeFe said...

I checked for ur update yesterday three times but nothing appeared!!

HEY HEY HEY was interesting but why pi didnt look good?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i never knew about kutsushita but when u told me about it in our Japanese class..i was able to remember it quickly only because of the literal meanings of the such combination..good that u broght the english part..we never think about ne..

you did great in ur management thingy..i hope you progress more and more so that you will in top 20 or to ever ;)

what is tarantula?!! first time to hear it and too lazy to look for what it means lol..

looking forward to your next post..TC

Bash said...

Hello ,,
Sorry that I didn't comment on your last 5 posts. I'm not feeling well these days but I want you to know that I always check your blog.

Congratulation on being in the top 100 , Hope you go up to 10

My god , a tarantula?
I agree with your mum

Take Care

PS: loved the new layout

Ima-chan said...

i updated after you went to bed i think thats why.. i take back what i said pi was good look in hey3 but ryo was overpowering lol so he kinda shadowed pi.. a tarantula is a big spider i guess..

Bash: no prob as long as your reading.. glad you like the layout although its still mixed up and not applied to all pages..