Thursday, 22 May 2008

Colours, JLPT

I love anything spotty-dotty.. my sisters' duvet covers are cute.. the colour doesn't come across as it is in reality but its such a baby pink it really looks fresh and cute..

All of yesterday and today ive been thinking "maybe i should update" but i have no idea what to write about..

All ive been doing is working on my capstone project and my other class' assignments /reports /game. The only thing i can think of that ive done in the last few days thats not uni-related is watching a new dorama called "boku dake no madonna" that fefe-chan recommended, starring Tackey from Tackey & Tsubasa. I have one and a half episodes left to finish which i'll watch later on today.. Its a really good dorama.. and Tackey is extremely cute..

I guess Marie-san is in Japan right now.. oh how i envy her T_T nihon ni ikitaaaaaaaaai

I remember doing a JLPT test thingy (thats the equivalent to TOFEL or IELTS but for Japanese) a few months ago online to see how i'd score on the lowest level (there are 4 exams with 4 being the easiest/lowest) and i got about 70% on it, but that was a long time ago, so i tried looking for it to see how well i'd score this time but couldn't find it >_< In the summer im going to start learning the level 4 Kanji, i think theres about 80.. this summer i really want to get crackin with my Japanese studies coz im planning to go to Japan in the winter again and i would love to be a bit better at Japanese..

I remeber when i was in 6th grade (i think) through to the end of 9th grade, i would only wear blue clothes.. i love blue and never wanted to wear any other colour.. ofcourse i wore other colours sometimes but 85% of the time i was wearing blue.. my mum, try as she may, could not convince me to wear different colours.. what a weird phase.. i hate blue now.. dark blue.. light blue is a bit better.. but blue is never going to be on my top list.. i just don't like it anymore..

Oh and i remember when i first met Bash and started going over to her house and she started coming over, i noticed her and her sis would only wear beige or brown.. remember bash?? and then she started going out shopping with us and we wouldnt let her buy anything brown.. its so long ago now.. now she wears all colours of the rainbow.. come to think of it i havnt seen her in brown in such a long time..

I better go do some work.. im off.. tara


FeFe said...

Glad you liked the drama..sono touri tackey wa kawaii desu yo ne..have you finished it already?

atashi mo nihon ni ikitai..

as for the JLPT test,I had some stuff printed already, but this damn univ is keeping us busy..well do your best in summer and I think you're right about learning Kanji..we must start learning some..

you liked blue..sherena does to..ever since she was a little girl and till now.. I didnt like blue before but now its ok lol

nice story that you shared about Bash lol..btw..the duvet looks really nice..TC and Ganbatte:)

Bash said...

Hope you do well in that JLPT thing ..

loooooooool ,, You know when I read the paragraph you wrote about you wearing only blue I immediately remembered the brown phase =P

I remember , but it wasn't because we love brown so much. It was only because every thing we liked was in brown that time =P loool

PS: Sorry for the late comment .. Didn't get the chance 'till now..