Tuesday, 13 May 2008


Konbanwa! What has Ima been up to today.. XD i found face-paint crayons and decided to play around on my mirror..

山ピ(Yamapi), RYO, and the obligatory (ne?) hearts!

Then i saw on a blog about showing whats in your bag and letting people interpret what it means, how its related to your personality, that kind of thing.. so i thought it'd be cool to try out and see what you can figure out about me from my uni-bag.. play along yeah?

Wallet, E-ma (just one left but i can't bring myself to eat it lol coz its the last), KAT-TUN CD (was supposed to listen to it in the car for a change but once i got in there, im like screw it, im listening to NEWS again today)

My cinnamoroll vanilla lip balm (for smelling purposes XD i dont like to use this lip balm but the vanilla smell is heavenly so i take it around with me just to smell it XD), and a notebook..

Receipt from the cafe at uni, pen, my favourite perfume at the moment, and NEWS CD (a must!)

Chewing gum, a stray iron pill (WTH?! How did it get in there?), and a rusty coin thats probably been there since the beginning of the semester, and a tissue..

Ok so i hope you try to interpret this and tell me what you think it says about me, im curious ^_^
Today i spent most of my time..

Drinking one cup of tea after the other,

Working on my capstone,

and studying the list of verbs for Wednesday..

Then i sat there staring at my wall thinking, why the hell is my room so BLUE when i dont even like blue.. its making me blue.. sad/depressed i mean not colour-wise..

Oh and lastly, in the capstone game, we (the team) have gone from 95 (can't remember 90 something) to number 14!! from 5000 and something teams from all around the world! So happy!

Thats all for today.. still have some uni work to tweek.. bai bai


FeFe said...

a very very interesting post =) i dont know how to relate whats in ur bag to your personality lol but from NewS no CD, kattun's, Gackt no sweet, and the pen ..they are all brought from Japan ne..you're mind is just so occupied with Japan lol

ur perfume is the same one I'm using right now lol and the vanilla lip balm..i like the vanilla smell but not its taste( when its food lol not the lip balm thing)

your iron pill!! are u taking ur medication properly?!! I hope so ..look who is talking? i havent applied my nail medicine for a week now !!!

well ganbatte in ur capstone and Japanese list .. i still have some univ work too so thats all for now..TC..i enjoyed reading this post:-*

FeFe said...

OH howcome i forgot!!!!! why pi inst inside a heart?!!!!!!! u know its better..ull draw it inside a heart in my mirror;) TC

Ima-chan said...

Glad you liked the post, honestly, after i finished writing i thought that it seemed very boring, glad its not..

yeah i guess im preoccupied with Japan ;P

your using the same perfume? cool.. we're more alike then we think ;) and you like vanilla smell too.. yokatta.. LOL i imagine eating lip balm..hhh

yeah im taking my med *when i remember* you should take yours too..

i knew you would say that about pi not being in a heart..well i thought we talked about limits yesterday ne ;) i was trying not to go beyond them with pi lol

ganbarimashou ne!