Saturday, 10 May 2008

Ima's Cupcakes

I decided to make cupcakes, even though im not really into cakes or sweet things. The result of my labour was not very satisfying, they all looked disapointing.. next time i'll make them better.. IF there is a next time XD

PS i thought i had red food colouring but it turned out orangey-peachy, and i used lots of hundreds and thousands (100s & 1000s) which we used to like playing with as kids, and some chocolate buttons.. Here you go:

Riples in chocolate..

Hazelnut cupcake..

The lighting is awful on this pic.. i swear they looked better, but those are all i did..only 8 out of 35 got decorated XD

I guess that all for now.. i have stuff to do.. If anyone wants me to make them some of my SUPER-DELICIOUS AWESOME-LOOKING CUPCAKES for any special occasion they have, feel free to contact me, price range from US $50-70 per cupcake! XD
Jya ne!


FeFe said...

nice photos dear..i dont know but i dont like cup-cakese but i do eat them..

hehe i liked it when u said if there is a next time..

wow 50-70$ per cup-cake..yasui desu ne:P

Looking forward for your next post..TC

Bash said...

Looks Yummy ..
I love cupcakes .. Especially chocolate cupcakes ..

I know the only reason you made them is because of the cool photo you posted in the previous post + they're fun to decorate =P

Then I want half a cupcake please .. lol , I can't afford more =P

Take Care

Ima-chan said...

thats not too expensive is it..
i don't like sweet things including cupcakes but i just thought i'd make some for a change, forced myself to eat one..

yep thats the reason, and sorry i don't sell half a cupcake, they come in quarters or whole only ;P

Reemy-chan said...

:| Immmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmma .. I want :'( .. i am really hungary now !! ..

okik lets me order :P ..
1000 chocolate cake .. <3
1000 from the orhers .. (a)

I know definitely it will be for free for me :P ..

waiting for it tomorrow *e7m e7m* =D ..

Ima-chan said...

I'm sorry Reemy-chan.. i know your my friend but do you know how much those little sprinkly things cost me? $2 per sprinkle! so i can't give anyone free cupcakes..

thanks for commenting :)