Thursday, 8 May 2008

plushies, fishies & paintings

Just finished reading Shige's wagahai.. they really are interesting..

I tried making a bunny plushie.. ended with a disaster.. maybe due to the fact that i have no experience whatsoever in sewing/stitching.. i have no artistic abilities.. and i wasn't even making a normal roundish bunny but instead a square abstract one.. Bash, you should thank god it didn't work coz i was going to give it to you if it had worked XD LOL

Hen na usagi ne.. XD

For some reason, i only listened to NewS's beautiful eyes once when fefe-chan told me about it.. then i kinda forgot that it existed.. and only remembered earlier today.. and i really like it, its been playing in a loop since 11 AM.. I'm sure you all know it by now, if its a NewS song then im going to rave about no matter how awful it is.. but this really is a nice song..

I just realized that almost every pic i post has a blue/turquoise background.. thats coz thats the colour of my room.. so today i went a bit green instead..

Hey did i ever mention that we have a fish? I think i did.. Bob -the little fishy- was a present to my sis.. here he is.. *the reason for white net thing?! Piper the cat keeps getting caught with his paw in the fish bowel* Maybe i mentioned this before.. lol anyways..

Two days ago as i drove to uni in the morning, the weather was weird. Although its late-spring here, that actually means summer started more than a month ago. So to see the weather all cloudy and stormy, then halfway to uni it started raining, first it was just spitting (thats little rain for anyone who doesn't get it) then it started raining normally. Everyone was so surprised. When i read the newspaper today it said that that was artificial rain! It was the first successful result of "cloud seeding" as they call it, where they drop salt into the clouds to produce rain. They say they will continue with their tests in the next three months so i guess we should expect a couple of cool days this summer. Thats really good news for such a hot & dry country. I'm excited! LOL

I got my sis this cap from Japan, i really like it so im posting a pic.. no other reason lol..

This post is so random lol.. my mum draws sometimes.. shes quite good for someone whose never taken classes and knows nothing about art.. here are two of her paintings..

BTW what do you guys think of the layout? Its very plain but i like it.. was going to put NewS as a banner but then decided against it..
anyways, thats it..


FeFe said...

the pix are nice..your mum's drawings are great..i like ur usagi lol .. have u ever mentioned that you have a fish..i dont remember..

I never knew about the artifical rain thing..I thought it rained and I'm sure that everyone must have thought that its weird to rain at looks interesting really

nice post;) TC

FeFe said...

oh i forget to tell you my thoughts about the new be frankly, at first sight..i didnt like it that much but now i find nice, simple and

Ima-chan said...

hh you like the bunny, hes so odd looking.. poor thing..

the layout is too simple but i really like it that way..i dont like crazy layouts with too many colours.. i think i'll be keeping this for a while.. better get used to it lol..

TC n thanks for commenting

Bash said...


lool ,, I want it anyway ..
It'a cuuute !

but I want another one in Pink
oh oh ,, a Pink Heart =P

he he ,, I think you mentioned Bob-the fish before .. I met him the other time .. He's so quite =P
(( as if he would make any sound lol))

Your mum is really talented I loved the Paintings and her nice touches on the wallpapers ..

Artificial rain !!
I had no idea ,, I want a link for the article please (( so interested))

I was at work and I heard the sound of the rain drops , so I went out to check it out .. It was sooooo HOT even though it was raining -__-

Take Care

Bash said...

* quiet

I don't want you to make fun of my sp as usual =P

Ima-chan said...

hhh i'll give it to you no prob. was going to throw it away.. i'll make you something pink but its going to be just as bad lol..

LOL @ "hes quiet".. hehe thank god for that.. piper makes enough noise as it is..

i read it in the Gulfnews.. look online you might find.. not in the mood to look right now..

thanks for commenting..