Saturday, 19 April 2008

Having fun & an unfortunate event

Kyou wa totemo tanoshikatta desu!

We arrived to the port (?-can you even call it that LOL) at 8 and there were no boats there yet, and yes, there were about 30 other crazy people there at that time! LOL anyways.. the boats came 40 mins late! we were standing there for sooo long.. but then after swimming we forgot all about it.. LOL I LOVE SWIMMING! we didnt swim for too long, or too far coz some poeple don't know how to swim (you really need to learn to, you know ;) ).. and then we suddenly heard this guy who was sooo far away start screaming but his voice sounded so weird (like crows or something), and we could see him splashing around but he was so far we couldnt really see him.. i thought he was playing a joke on his friends pretending to drown.. but suddenly he said something, in phillipino, and they all jumped up and ran to the shore and were shouting so i thought it must be real.. after a few minutes, the guy kept going underwater and we couldnt see him and his screams stopped.. and his friends were standing there shouting, till finally someone jumped in tryting to swim to him.. but he was really far and the guy swimming to him seemed so slow.. i thought he would definitely drwon.. it was so frightening, my heart was going doki doki :P I thought we have to do something, i tought they probably dont have the number of the island operator so i went and called.. but before i did i was thinking what if it turns out to be a joke and then i'll look stupid, but i thought i dont really care, what if this guy dies, we really have to do somehting.. so i risked looking like a fool and called, i told the island scruity/police guy that i think someones drowing and told him where we were, and he said he would come right away.. five minutes later the guy had stopped splashing and his friend who went for him was only halfway there so i called again and the policeman told me to describe the location again coz he couldnt find us.. by this time, the guy's friends had stopped one of the buses on the island, i guess to tell them to call the life guards or somehting.. so i told him that the bus stopped and he said ok i see it.. 20 seconds later i saw this car zooming onto the beach and the guys jumped out of the car and dived in.. since the guy was soo far away it took a long time to bring him but by the time they brought him back to the shore i guess he was unconsiouss and they were dragging him.. then they looked like they were preforming CPR on him or something but we're not sure.. and an ambulance came and took him away.. (were not sure if he was still alive or what :/ ).. THEN, another guard came with a floatationg device thingy and jumped into the water, it turns out there was another person there too.. but we couldnt see him.. and the guard took a long time looking for him so we dont really know what excatley happened.. but they got him back safely, he came out of the water leaning on both guards but he looked ok.. The situation was very nerve-recking! i just hope that guy made it out OK.. we wanted to ask what happened but we didnt know who to ask.. anyways, im just glad we were there coz i think we're probably the ONLY people who have the number.. i dont think anyone else would have it..

After that, we just didn't feel like swimming and went and changed our clothes.. but after sitting around for an hour or so stuffing our faces, it was getting hotter, perfect weather for swimming, i decided to go back in.. Bash and her sis couldn't be bothered to go change back into their swimming clothes and stuff so me and my sis went off.. we swam for about 2 hours together, we kept going too far and my mum kept calling us back.. LOL.. we would say yeah we're coming and then swim backwards lol so she wouldn't know that we were going further.. Swimming where its really deep is really cool.. i taught my sis some Japanese phrases while we swam but the waves were high and we kept swallowing too much salty water.. which meant we had to go back to the shore so many times.. demo it was fun and we didn't mind it..

For the first time ever, i got a tan.. i always only get sunburnt.. this time im hardly burnt but im tanned.. its cool LOL im a golden colour now..ureshii.. except, funny enough, my face didn't tan.. only my arms.. i guess its better than nothing.. now i want to go back next week.. i don't think its too hot to go, so maybe we will a couple more times before it gets too hot..

Oh and marie-san went with us and she made umeboshi onigiri.. umaaaai! or should i say, *oichi*

Thats all for today, doing my uni work now.. and hating the thought of going to uni tomorrow even though its only for 1 hour and 50 minutes..

PS Bash, did you have fun? You didn't seem like you had too much fun, its your fault for not swimming with us the second time!


FeFe said...

lets hope that this guy is still alive..btw..i dont know how to swim:( i want to learn and everytime i ask my bro to teach me, he ignores lol better to take swimming classes..

its nice that you had a chance to swim but was it an open area?!!

i cannot see the onigiri pic!!

i have a request: if ur writing a very long story like this..can you please split it into paragraphs lol ( at least two)..i couldnt read properly hehe i kept losing the line!!


Ima-chan said...

You too?! and i was telling Bash that i can't beleive theres anyone who can't swim.. you better learn.. Yeah it was in an open area, you've seen th pix of the place but it wasn't crowded and every hut/umbrella-thingy is far away from the next so noone can really see.. plus, we had our shaylas on for some of the time (which is so annoying)..

Can't you see the pic? I'll try uploading it again then..

next time i will try to write in paragraphs but it just gets too long if i do that.. so i just put it all together.. i'll try.

atashi mo suki.. bai bai

Bash said...

Today's drowning incident was scary ,, I didn't believe it at first but when I saw everyone screaming and looking his way I thought it was serious.. Thank God you called for help ..

Yeah ,, I loved it today ..
I enjoyed swimming in the cold water .. I loved sitting on the beach ..

I don't know why you felt like I didn't enjoy my time there but you should know that for me , I enjoy going to the beach even if I was all by myself with nothing to do but sit and watch the waves !

Good Night

FeFe said...

the onigir looks oishii..onaka ga suita..nihon ryouri ga hoshi..TC