Wednesday, 9 April 2008


I don't have time to update, but i just had to say, its Yamapi's birthday today so

Otanjoubi Omedetou~
(Happy Birthday)

Poor Yamapi was attacked by Korean fans the other day, he says hes ok, just worried about his fans if anyone got hurt!! poor pi, thinking about his fans before himself.. Stupid %$#!&s (mind my french), they went way overboard to the point of ripping his shirt (and hair too i hear but not sure about that coz he said hes ok)..

I will update later..


Haruhi said...

Poor him! well, that's the price for fame ... and the kawaii face =P

Bash said...

looooooooool ,,
I knew you'd add a post about your precious Yamapi =P

FeFe-Chan , Did you do it too ?
lool ,, Ima told me your a bigger fan.. It's like a competition between you too XD

Ima ,I wish you'd do something similar in my B-Day =P lol (I know you won't)

Anyway , I'll check out the video you told me about ..

Take Care ,,

Ima-chan said...

LOL Bash is jealous of Pi XD you should be, hes my number 1.. or 1.5.. hh not sure.. yeah go see the vid, poor pi

Haruhi, sono touri (exactly)

FeFe said...

yah poor him..kawaiso..u know the incident was on Japanese tv and they said that his bag was stolen..

Bash: yes i did it but ima posted before..unfair ne..yamapi daisuki lol


Ima-chan said...

u changed ur nick first so i posted first lol.. fair ne?
Yeah i read about that.. poor pi =(

Bash said...

The competition is still on , Ima is leading with one point because she checked Pi's blog 1st. Stay Tuned to know the winner loool

The result is
Ima-chan : 2 Points
Fefe-chan: 1 Point

Fefe be careful , Ima is wining =P

FeFe said...

bash..she checked pi's entry first because she has access to the internet at her work while i dont..she won't win dont worry..when it comes to pi ill definitely win coz i wont give ine;)

Ima-chan said...

HHH u want to turn it into a competetion then? LOL I will fight till the end ;)

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