Saturday, 9 February 2008

School stories

What i did today in a nutshell:

  • bash came to my house.
  • breakfast together, yummy French toast with pancake syrup. oichii *wink*
  • movie in an empty cinema (had it all to ourselves)
  • lunch together
  • short stop at the beach for a short walk.
  • ice-cream (bash's idea of course, i don't like ice cream)
  • showed bash my japan pix
  • started talking about high school and our friends (we were in the same class in grade 11 and 12) and how we miss them and started talking about our teachers.. and how i was so naughty and used to skip classes, while the good bash used to attend all the classes..
Some school stories:

There was a day when we both decided we would hold hands for 2 hours i think.. our desks were next to each other so we held each others hand under the desks and noone noticed.. then the teacher called on bash to answer and she had to stand up but we still held hands and the teacher didn't notice coz the girl in front was blocking her view of our hands.. then a while later, she asked me to turn on the AC and (LOL) i got up and bash got up with me (the AC was right behind me) and i had to stand on a chair since its so high but still held on to bash's hand LOL and everyone was staring, even the teacher, like WTF are they doing? and how dare they tease me in my class? and we just ignored her and kept on grinning and sat back as if nothing was happening.. and girls were giggling all over and me and bash were holding back our laughs.. anyways, she didnt say anything, i think she just didnt want to lose any of her precious class time and she knew we woulld defend ourselves somehow (i was really cheeky back then, i guess i still am LOL).. even during break we still held hands was stupid but we did it anyways..

then we got on to talking about when we were in elementary school and if we didnt have the right colours that the art teacher asked for we would cry and beg our parents not to make us go to school coz we were so afarid of the teacher.. LOL i dont know why since they cant hit or anything but it was just scary.. bash says her little brothers are still like this..we were such scaredy cats..

Oh and when i was in 4th grade a bunch of 6th graders told everyone that there was a dead girl in the toilet.. a lot of girls started crying.. i was brave and went with some of them to look.. we looked under the stall door and there were bones and we all cried, we thought the girl died (we didnt know it took so long for a body to decompose all that LOL).. i came home and told my mum what i'd heard at school that the school gardener had killed a girl in the toilet.. then the next morning assembly the principal told us that it was chicken bones that one of the cleaners had thrown there for some reason.. we didn't believe her... LOL

I also remember once when i was in 8th grade i wanted to skip class with my friend so we went and got freezing cold water and opened our eyes wide and kept rubbing it in our eyes so they became red as if we were crying and told the teacher we were sick.. LOL i was so naughty, what can i say..

So many other stories but im tired of writing.. thats all..

ta ra!

*oichii is copyrighted, it's yamapi's word for oishii so, to avoid being sued im not claiming its mine ;)


FeFe said...

it seems u had fun today with bask..yokatta ne =) i miss the sea..hope one day we can go together;)

i used to skip classes too in high school ( hh the Arabic class)& in middle school i would go out of the class n never come back lol i wasnt that naughty..not at all..but i was stubborn with my teachers.

the story in which u n bash hold hands is funny..i wouldnt dare do that but its really funny..

as for ur elementary story..chicken bones!! how? in the toilet!! i cant believe it either lol why would she throw bones in the toilet in the first place..we too had stories about ghoasts and so during elementary school..i dont know where they bring these stories from lol

LOL rubbing ur eyes were so naughty..but you are not like that anymore or do u? LOL

thanks for sharing ur stories..interesting and entertaining

Looking forward to ur next post..TC

Ima-chan said...

yeah i hope someday we get to go to the sea together..

LOL im still naughty just not childish naughty, like the red eyes incident, im smarter now.. i have other ways to do stuff.. LOL but i dont like to lie or trick people.. so i guess im not AS naughty as before.

lol thanks for commenting

Bash said...

Yesterday was so FUN ..
- The French Toast was Yummy
- The empty Movie Theatre was so COOOL ,, I loved it .. The movie wasn't bad ..
- Lunch was too much ,, lol. I couldn't complete my food .. You forgot to mention when your mom and Nana surprised us there looool.. "You'll get Fat" =P
- The beach stop was really nice.. I loved it =3
- Ice Cream was Yummy too ..
- It was fun to watch the pictures and listening to your Japanese Stories even though we both felt like sleeping the whole time lol =P
- I liked the part where we kept remembering school stories .. I just miss high school..

The holding hands story was really funny looooooooool ,, I think it started as a dare.. I can't stop laughing .. I liked your way of telling the story ..

The dead girl story is also funny looooool ,, I guess kids have a wild imagination ..

PS: Thanks for the Japanese Presents .. I loved everything .. arigato gozaimasu

Reemy-chan said...

Hi Ima :D ..

Finally I had read all the posts :P .. it was an amazing trip to japan .. next year I will go with you .. what do u think :P ?? ..

I hope you enjoy ur time with Bash ^^.. I want to go to the sea .. who will take me ? :P just love the sea .. ^^..

Heey I miss my school and my friends too .. I didn’t think one day that I may say that I may miss my school .. but now I really miss every minute .. Could I miss my university too?? >_> don’t know yet lol ..

Nice stories dear lol .. cannot stop laughing .. i don’t think that your naught anymore siso ^^..

Ima-chan said...

bash: yeah forgot to say about when mum n nana surprised us LOL that was funny.. and im glad u liked ur presents =)

Reemy-chan: yes it really was an amazing trip..hh come with me next time that would be fun.. i cant wait to go back..
someone has to take you to the sea LOL u've been saying u want to go for ages..
LOL i wonder too if i'll miss uni.. i know i'll miss being with my friends but uni itself, i dont think so..
glad i could make you laugh.. LOL.. and thanks for saying im not naughty.. ;) TC