Sunday, 30 December 2007


I’m knackered! I went to uni early today.. I was there at 7:20 in the library finishing up a project.. then had classes till 12.. went to the travel agent’s after uni only to find out that the guy hadn’t prepared what I asked for(argh!).. went home.. got in around 1, had lunch.. around 1:30 my sisters decided they wanted to go out! So I said I’d go too.. didn’t fancy being home alone,, we went and watched a movie.. then visited my mum’s friend A whose baby I’ve unofficially adopted, she was sick so we didn’t stay long, my baby I mean.. then went to TGIF for dinner.. and just got back home to find the internet working! YAY! But I’m definitely knackered! And just plain sick! I was ok when I woke up but I started coughing at 8 or so, and now I have a cough, an earache, and a sore throat! I DON’T WANT TO BE SICK! Not when I have finals this week..

Soooo.. im just going to crash now.. then get up early tomorrow and study as we’re going out later tomorrow..

Thanks fefe-chan for the mag, I’ll take a look at it tomorrow since I didn’t get a chance today.*I hope you go to japan!!*

Reemy-chan: Whats up with you? You don’t seem as excited as you should be? *hint* *hint*

Bash, it was nice having you and your sis over but I’ll kill you if you show up 3 hours later than your expected again! I am English you know!

Good luck everyone in your exams once again! Ganbatte!

Cheers.. (trying to sound cheerful..)

PS i learnt a new word this week "niggled". My mum says its not used that often, its more of a slang word, but her friend A uses it a lot and it just stuck! its means to be angry or grumpy or annoyed..


FeFe said...

hi there..your sounded so busy, but i dont know if you are like..i like it when i am being busy (not always LOL n not the univ stuff) because it makes me feel that am doing something in my life..

Also, am glad that you went out but please you have to take care of urslef and health..because i really do care about you..

as for the word: niggled, its the first for me to hear thanks for mentioning it

well ganbatte you too sweatheart n TC

sry for the long post! hehe

FeFe said...

I thought i wrote a lot LOL & i meant sry for the long comment hehe not post!

Bash said...

Hope you feel better and wish you all the best in your exams. I hope you get straight A'z =].

looooool ,, I'm sorry but I'm not =P. You know it wasn't really my fault because we didn't agree on a time. You just assumed I'm coming straight from work.

BTW, what movie did you guys see ?

niggled? that's a nice word ,, (added to my vocab list =P)

Ima-chan said...

Hey thanks for the comments.. LOL @ fefechan, i was like why is she sorry that the post is long..hehe.. then read the next comment.. :)

Bash: we went to see Sydney White, its a chick flick ;) my sisters wanted it so i went expecting i wouldnt like it but i actually liked it :)